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Opcenter Quality Concern and Complaint Management

Opcenter Quality Concern and Complaint Management supports complaint handling, identification of weaknesses and countermeasures, and continuous quality improvement.

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Automate and simplify complaint processes

Opcenter Quality Concern and Complaint Management offers an integrated solution to acquire all relevant external and internal complaint data and manage timely, prioritized complaint processes.

Eliminate defects
Opcenter Quality Concern and Complaint Management (CCM) software helps you identify, analyze and correct product- and process-related errors and defects at an early stage, preventing the start of defect chains and allowing you to reduce costs and increase profits.

Integrate complaint generation
With Opcenter Quality CCM, you can initiate procedures for internal complaint generation with other Opcenter Quality modules, including Opcenter Quality First Sample Inspection (FSI), Opcenter Quality Incoming/Outgoing Goods Control (IGC/OGC), Opcenter Quality Statistical Process Control (SPC) or manual input.

Analyze defects in a hierarchical and intuitive process
Context-related workflow management functionality within the software helps you actively control main defects with hierarchical defect analysis visualized as a clear tree structure. Faulty products and parts subject to complaint undergo a part-specific evaluation during an intuitive defect analysis process. You can also assign and document defects or defect catalogs along with respective causes and costs.

Integrate action management
With its stored escalation mechanisms, the actions management feature of the complaint management software allows you to complete the timely processing of complaints currently logged in the system. You can also calculate and allocate costs, including complaint- or defect-level costs.

Document complaint activities
This complaint management solution allows you to document activities using flexible reporting options such as receipt confirmations, delivery notes distribution, quality reporting, product labels and 8D (eight discipline) reports. Complaint-related activities can be documented in the complaint history. Complaints can also be reactivated anytime so authorized users can add information following complaint closure.

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Case Study


Analytical instrument maker achieves zero defects by focusing on continuous improvement with Opcenter
Case Study

Analytical instrument maker achieves zero defects by focusing on continuous improvement with Opcenter


Location:Kleve, Germany

Siemens Software:Opcenter APS, Opcenter Quality

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