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Opcenter Quality Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Opcenter Quality Failure Mode and Effects Analysis improves and accelerates the FMEA process with systematic assessment of possible design and product failures.

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Detect and avoid product defects before production

Opcenter Quality Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) efficiently manages cause and effect analysis to achieve advanced product quality planning and reduced warranty claims and costs.

Organize complex designs and processes for easy navigation
Opcenter Quality FMEA makes it easy to organize complex designs and processes in a tree structure for sorting data at all hierarchies and levels. The software creates a systematic view of the correlation between different components within the systems and subsystems.

Adhere to quality standards
Opcenter Quality FMEA enables you to perform risk assessments by following best practices and directions from several industries' standards, including evaluating the risk priority number (RPN) or the action priority (AP) level to identify priorities and support the decision-making process. An integrated quality action management module assists you in coordinating and controlling corrective and improvement actions.

Manage FMEA throughout the product lifecycle
The solution allows you to organize people and tasks around the FMEA process in a project, assess and reduce identified risks using action tracking and alert mechanisms, and then use FMEA results for control plan definition and to validate the process. 

Apply project experience
You can collect FMEA data in a relational, comprehensive knowledge database and apply project experience to new tasks. These capabilities enable you to shorten the development process cycle while adhering to quality output and project deadlines.

Integrate FMEA activities
The software module can be fully integrated with other Opcenter Quality software modules, including those that handle advanced product quality planning (APQP), flow charts, control plans, statistical process control (SPC), and concern and complaint management (CCM).

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Case Study


Industrial sensor manufacturer uses Opcenter Quality software for comprehensive continuous improvement
Case Study

Industrial sensor manufacturer uses Opcenter Quality software for comprehensive continuous improvement


Industry:Electronics, Semiconductor devices

Location:Mannheim, Germany

Siemens Software:Opcenter APS, Opcenter Quality


Achieving a complete risk analysis

How Opcenter Quality supports the FMEA process

The ability to assess risks associated with possible product failure is essential. FMEA is a critical tool that enables effective risk assessment.

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