Opcenter Quality Gage Management

Opcenter Quality Gage Management helps safeguard the accuracy of process and product inspections by tracing gage calibration and administration processes.

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Two gloved hands use a quality gauge to measure a machine part

Effectively manage gage calibration and traceability

Opcenter Quality Gage Management helps efficiently calibrate, monitor and manage your measurement devices and gages.

Support different gage types and measuring devices
Opcenter Quality Gage Management allows you to manage mechanical, electrical and test gages, as well as more complex gages, analysis devices, testers and measuring devices. The gage management software is suitable for managing the calibration process of each of these gage types.

Document gage history
You can document all procedures associated with a gage’s history, including the gage calibration process, issue/return, repair and more. Gage management software also allows you to establish clear responsibilities and gage tracking for greater process improvement.

Generate gage lists
This software enables you to create individual reports in various lists, such as inventory, status or inspection prompts, or reminder lists. These lists help quality and manufacturing floor personnel to identify and monitor deadlines for each gage.

Evaluate gage capabilities
Evaluation of precision, reproducibility, linearity and other gage capabilities are supported and made available in tabular or graphical formats.

Ensure documentation that adheres to standards
Opcenter Quality Gage Management provides the functionality you need to manage your gages based on industry standards and methodologies. In addition, you can define custom standards based on your organizational needs.

Someone using gage management software.
Case Study

NAF Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik AG

Axle and transfer case manufacturer uses Opcenter to meet customer requirements and industry standards
Case Study

Axle and transfer case manufacturer uses Opcenter to meet customer requirements and industry standards

Company:NAF Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik

Industry:Heavy equipment

Location:Neunkirchen am Brand, Germany

Siemens Software:Opcenter APS, Opcenter Quality, QMS Professional

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