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Opcenter Quality Supplier Assessment and Portal

Opcenter Quality Supplier Assessment and Portal helps assess supplier quality performance and ensures that their deliveries meet expected quality targets.

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Integrate supplier quality into your quality plan

Opcenter Quality Supplier Assessment and Portal empowers manufacturers to manage their quality processes that are dependent on supplied goods.

Implement objective supplier assessments
Opcenter Quality Supplier Assessment provides a checklist and rating system to gain an understanding of a supplier's capabilities. It results in an objective comparison of suppliers to support the ongoing optimization of the supply chain. Assessment criteria is updated with every delivery. Supplier-specific criteria can also be defined and assessed over a defined period of time with an assessment matrix.

Improve incoming goods inspection
The supplier quality management software helps to monitor that the proper deliverables are submitted by the supplier and helps to ensure it meets your acceptance criteria.

You can identify and clarify supplier roles and expectations, then track and document conformance to these requirements. Opcenter Quality Supplier Assessment creates supplier inspection reports and prints labels to identify blocked or barred goods.

Manage supplier quality issues
The supplier quality management solution enables you to track and record any quality issues related to a supplier, supporting continual monitoring of supplier performance and reducing risks associated with product failures. Delivery, characteristic or time-related dynamics and the automatic generation of supplier complaints in not okay (NOK) quality management cases help reduce inspection costs.

Communicate with suppliers via the supplier portal
Opcenter Quality supplier portal enables you to manage product defect complaints in situations where the supplier is considered responsible. The supplier accesses and handles the complaints using the eight disciplines (8D) problem-solving methodology. Communications with suppliers about handling a complaint status are streamlined with the portal.

A group of coworkers conducting a supplier assessment.
Case Study


Automotive firm uses Opcenter Quality to reduce costs in product development, acceptance, testing and manufacturing
Case Study

Automotive firm uses Opcenter Quality to reduce costs in product development, acceptance, testing and manufacturing

Company:Schlote GmbH & Co. KG

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Harsum, Germany

Siemens Software:Opcenter APS, Opcenter Quality, Teamcenter

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