An engineer driving a car with SCADAS hardware setup to get data.


Road load data acquisition

Accelerate the delivery of high-quality road load data.

An excellent method to measure the vehicle response

Road load data acquisition (RLDA) is an excellent method for measuring the precise vehicle response either on public roads in the anticipated market or on proving grounds by replicating specific driving profiles. And as such is a critical starting point for successful vehicle durability engineering.

Today, durability testing teams are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality data as fast as possible for as many vehicles as possible. Using complicated and time-consuming traditional systems can make life a bit stressful at times. This is why more and more teams are switching to state-of-the-art methods, such as our RLDA solution. It not only enables you to acquire reliable data under extreme testing conditions, but it also includes embedded universal signal conditioning for easy setup of various test types. Compact and easy to install, it interfaces with a wide range of analog and digital sensors and offers a flexible channel count.

The solution is technician friendly and provides accurate measurements the first time, seamlessly guiding both novice and experienced users through the entire durability acquisition process.

Simcenter Testlab Neo for durability testing

Learn more about the durability testing functionalities in Simcenter Testlab Neo.

Case study


Roush opens new end-to-end testing possibilities with Simcenter solutions.

Global auto engineering company uses Siemens solutions for efficient durability testing
Case Study

Global auto engineering company uses Siemens solutions for efficient durability testing


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