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Simcenter Testlab Neo software

Boost productivity and insights for multidisciplinary test-based performance engineering by integrating analytics and simulation models in any process flow.

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Simcenter Testlab Neo software user interface (UI).

Why Simcenter Testlab Neo?

Simcenter Testlab Neo offers a new task-driven user experience and extends engineering capabilities with end-to-end durability testing, intuitive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance engineering and model-based testing.

Utilize test-based performance engineering
Simcenter Testlab Neo is the next-generation software platform for multidisciplinary test-based performance engineering. It integrates years of engineering experience into a new environment that offers greater productivity, more insights, increased confidence and easier collaboration.

Accelerate results interpretation
The new task-driven user experience facilitates work productivity and overall navigability. A fully customizable and flexible process designer speed up analysis, supports multidisciplinary analytics, and embeds simulation models as part of any process flow. Intuitive and interactive graphs that directly connect to your local results or your centralized data accelerate results interpretation and support the engineering decision process.

Simcenter Testlab Neo for intuitive sound quality engineering

Sound quality is an important aspect of product design. Discover how Simcenter Testlab Neo makes sound quality engineering more intuitive than ever.

Case study

Trek Bicycle

Read how Trek Bicycle uses Simcenter testing solutions, such as Simcenter Testlab Neo, to diagnose and improve e-bike motor acoustics.

A man rides a Trek mountain bike on a forest trail
Case Study

Putting sound quality on the e-bike metric map with the award-winning Fuel EXe

Company:Trek Bicycle

Industry:Consumer products & retail

Location:Waterloo, Wisconsin, United States

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Testing Solutions

Simcenter Testlab Neo capabilities

Covering the broadest range of industry applications and engineering tasks while conforming to the latest international standards, our acoustic testing solutions adjust to your project’s requirements. Design innovative products with a compelling acoustic signature, relying on the expertise nested in Simcenter Testlab.

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Group of people looking at the Simcenter acoustic testing tool on screen.

The amount of data that is produced in a testing department is enormous. Converting, visualizing and analyzing test data results are time-consuming tasks and often require specific application knowledge. Simcenter Testlab applications are the perfect tools to streamline data acquisition, analytics and reporting.

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A man and a woman are looking at a computer screen.

Rely on our end-to-end durability testing solution to streamline your entire testing process. Simcenter uniquely integrates rugged and reliable data acquisition hardware with comprehensive processing and analysis software features. Our solution covers every step of a typical test campaign, from channel setup and measurements to validation, consolidation, analysis and reporting.

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A person driving an ATV down a country road.

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Simcenter durability testing

Our rotating machinery testing solutions allow NVH engineers to optimize the performance of rotating machinery, by acquiring and analyzing the impact of speed, torque and control strategies on sound quality, (torsional) vibrations and energy efficiency. In the lab and in the field, our multi-disciplinary testing system saves time, increases data reliability and maximizes insights into the machinery’s behavior.

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A motorcycle being tested in a wind tunnel.

You can accurately create or assemble systems in a virtual environment using test and simulation data, easily evaluate the effect of modifications or components at different development stages and maximize the usage of all the data in your organization. The user interface is easy-to-use, enabling non-experts to accurately predict the final product noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance. Our solution allows your development team to deliver excellent NVH performance while keeping development times and costs under control.

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Two people using System NVH performance prediction software on a car.

Accelerate systems engineering by integrating test and simulation tools. Maximize consistency of tools and methods used throughout the entire development cycle. By integrating test and simulation in a single environment for validation of product performance, testing costs and risks can be reduced, productivity increased and extra system insight gained. Model-based system testing maximizes the consistency of used tools and methods while providing a highly agile mechatronic system engineering environment. It also enables attribute-specific evaluation using virtual models, combined virtual-physical models and physical prototypes.

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A man at a computer using Simcenter system testing software.