Simcenter SCADAS RS hardware

Boost multiphysics testing productivity in harsh environments and rely on rugged, flexible and performant data acquisition with unparalleled connectivity.

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Why Simcenter SCADAS RS?

Rugged design with superior performance
Simcenter SCADAS RS combines ruggedness and performance for harsh environments. It precisely conditions and synchronizes a wide range of multiphysics sensors. Smart onboard processing avoids capturing wrong data and enables on-the-spot data validation.

Extreme flexibility
To optimally match the device under test Simcenter SCADAS RS supports centralized, distributed or combined topologies. Cut on cabling costs and complexity by distributing your measurements closer to your sensors. Quickly insert extra conditioning units to scale from 12 up to 1000+ synchronized channels. Reduce installation and configuration time through parallel instrumentation of subparts.

Unparalleled connectivity
Every unit includes an embedded web-based application for secure access from anywhere, on your mobile, tablet or desktop. With just a few clicks you quickly and easily configure, measure, visualize, analyze and download measurements – data collection as simple as it can get!

Take a closer look at Simcenter SCADAS RS

Learn how Simcenter SCADAS RS can support you in achieving fast and cost-effective testing in harsh environment.


Fast and cost-effective testing in harsh environment

Thanks to its rugged design, extreme flexibility, superior performance, and unparalleled connectivity you will execute your test campaigns faster.

Simcenter SCADAS RS capabilities

Road load data acquisition

Precision and realism of load data collected on proving grounds or public roads are essential for both virtual and physical product validation and verification. Simcenter SCADAS RS seamlessly integrates test instrumentation, setup, acquisition, validation, and reporting to accelerate the delivery of high-quality data.

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Man driving a car, with Simcenter testing equipment in the passenger seat collecting road load data

Rugged data acquisition

Test faster and more cost-effective in harsh environments with Simcenter SCADS RS. Real-world load data collected on agricultural, construction and mining equipment is essential for both virtual and physical machine performance validation and verification. Simcenter SCADAS RS deploys precise multi-physics measurements anytime and anywhere.

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Simcenter SCADAS hardware device setup on the tractor.