Simcenter SCADAS RS hardware

Boost multiphysics testing productivity in harsh environments and rely on rugged, flexible and performant data acquisition with unparalleled connectivity.

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A Simcenter SCADAS RS device, next to a hand holding a cell phone running a testing app

Why Simcenter SCADAS RS?

Faster instrumentation and test preparation

Simplify your instrumentation and test preparation processes with Simcenter SCADAS RS, even for large campaigns with multiple channels and sensors. The system allows multiple engineers to configure setups simultaneously using their personal devices, seamlessly connecting wirelessly. Whether running multiple test campaigns in parallel or setting up distributed test scenarios, Simcenter SCADAS RS minimizes sensor cable lengths, ensuring optimal hardware utilization. Experience clear and concise feedback on instrumentation, significantly reducing the risk of signal anomalies or errors in your measurement setup.

Boost efficiency during measurements

The modular design of Simcenter SCADAS RS optimizes hardware usage, catering to the specific measurement needs from low to high channel counts. Explore diverse measurement scenarios with stand-alone recording, on-the-spot data processing, and connect wirelessly via the recorder app. The system allows operators to start-stop measurements, perform on-board validation, and allows remote monitoring by engineers from any location. Plus, its rugged design ensures in-field testing even in the toughest test conditions, from extreme temperatures to moisture, dust, and high shock and vibration.

Get fully validated data as fast as possible

Accelerate your data analysis and decision-making with the fastest access to fully validated data. The system offers numerous options for crafting personalized validation processes, automatically discerning valid from invalid measurements. Whether running data validation on a connected laptop or a server, measurements run seamlessly, ensuring a swift and reliable process. Post-processing of validated data in Simcenter Testlab allows you to generate manual or automatic reports for in-depth data analysis. Alternatively, effortlessly exporting your data to third-party files, enables a seamless continuation of your workflow in any environment. Choose Simcenter Simcenter SCADAS RS for a fast, reliable, and versatile data validation experience that propels your projects forward.

Take in-field data collection to new heights

Case study

Hyundai Motor Company

Read how Hyundai reduces testing time in harsh environments by up to 12 percent with Simcenter SCADAS RS and Simcenter Testlab to capture load data and optimize durability design.

A Hyundai XRT concept SUV in the desert, surrounded by a dust plume
Case Study

Reducing testing time in harsh environments by up to 12 percent with faster setup

Company:Hyundai Motor Company

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Seoul, South Korea

Siemens Software:Simcenter Testing Solutions

Simcenter SCADAS RS capabilities

Precision and realism of load data collected on proving grounds or public roads are essential for both virtual and physical product validation and verification. Simcenter SCADAS RS seamlessly integrates test instrumentation, setup, acquisition, validation, and reporting to accelerate the delivery of high-quality data.

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Man driving a car, with Simcenter testing equipment in the passenger seat collecting road load data

Test faster and more cost-effective in harsh environments with Simcenter SCADS RS. Real-world load data collected on agricultural, construction and mining equipment is essential for both virtual and physical machine performance validation and verification. Simcenter SCADAS RS deploys precise multi-physics measurements anytime and anywhere.

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Simcenter SCADAS hardware device setup on the tractor.

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