Simcenter SCADAS Recorder hardware

Benefit from a versatile data acquisition with a system that works autonomously as a blind recorder, tablet-operated recorder or a frontend system for a PC.

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A Siemens high-speed data acquisition system

Why Simcenter SCADAS Recorder?

Autonomous and smart data recording
You can operate the Simcenter SCADAS Recorder in frontend mode, controlled from a PC or laptop, and parallel-stream the data to the PC and/or to a flash memory mass storage device through an embedded local area network (LAN) interface. This process allows you to visualize the data in real-time as it is processed and saved.

Increase recorded data quality by combining acquisition with instant analysis
With a wirelessly connected tablet, you can instantly validate data while measuring it, increasing the quality of the recorded data by combining acquisition with immediate analysis. With this state-of-the-art remote control system, you can visualize and monitor data in real-time and adjust settings in the field.

Invest on a scale that fits your testing requirements
Simcenter SCADAS Recorder systems come in several versions, from smaller-sized systems that host from four to 24 channels to larger systems that can include 216 channels in a single frame. Additionally, you can combine various systems in a main-secondary configuration. The large variety and modularity of the system enable you to make a scalable investment that fits your needs.

Simcenter SCADAS Community

Discover the users' community that's compiling a vast number of technical articles answering your possible questions on Simcenter SCADAS. If you don't find the answer, raise your question in the forum.

Simcenter SCADAS Recorder capabilities

Field testing often requires a mobile data acquisition system that records data without a PC. Depending on your testing needs, use our intelligent recorder autonomously, as a smart device operated by a wireless tablet or connected to a PC for in-field and laboratory applications.

Man uses a Simcenter intelligent recorder to perform a field test

Configure your data acquisition hardware according to your testing requirements. Simcenter SCADAS Mobile includes a broad range of input modules supporting a large variety of transducers and signal conditioning capabilities, combining analog and digital signals. It covers a broad range of physical types, including vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS and many more.

A Simcenter SCADAS recorder