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Durability testing

Acquire and understand road load data to optimize strength and fatigue.

Execute your entire test campaign

The evolution of the transportation industry deeply impacts durability testing processes. Manufacturers introduce multiple vehicle variants with lightweight designs, and at the same time, consumers’ demand for durable products remains high. Durability testing teams suffer from an increased workload under time pressure. With on our end-to-end durability testing solution they can streamline the entire testing process.

Simcenter uniquely integrates rugged and reliable data acquisition hardware with comprehensive processing and analysis software features. Our solution covers every step of a typical test campaign, from channel setup and measurements, to validation, consolidation, analysis and reporting. With Simcenter, execute your entire test campaign in less time, with increased confidence, and fewer errors than ever. 

Fundamentals of durability engineering

Understanding the fundamental behaviours of a system and its components is key when designing today’s competitive products or when troubleshooting unexpected issues.


Fundamentals of durability engineering

Understanding the fundamental behaviours of a system and its components is key when designing today’s competitive products or when troubleshooting unexpected issues.

Durability testing capabilities

Accelerated life testing

Minimize the time and money spent on validating your product’s durability performance based on field tests. Our accelerated life testing solution helps you design shorter and damage-equivalent test schedules for validation on single and multi-axis durability test rigs.

A car on a ramp for durability testing.

Load and fatigue analysis

Accelerate the delivery of critical durability insights when preparing for test rig campaigns or reliable simulations. To speed up time-consuming tasks such as load data consolidation, accurate rain flow counting, and experimental fatigue analysis, our load and fatigue analysis solution integrates instant visualization tools with interactive or automated analysis, performant processing and active reporting.

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Screenshot of Simcenter software performing a load and fatigue analysis.

Optimized test schedules

Solve the riddle of mapping your product’s real usage to a condensed durability test schedule. Our solution lets you define tailored test schedules by synthesizing customer-correlated loading targets. It derives the optimal mix of test track sections to emulate the roads of the target market.

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Road load data acquisition

Rely on a vast amount of top-quality data. Precision and realism of load data collected on proving grounds or public roads are essential for both virtual and physical product validation and verification. Our end-to-end road load data acquisition solution seamlessly integrates test instrumentation, setup, acquisition, validation and reporting to accelerate the delivery of high-quality data.

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Laboratory testing

Today’s market trend is to use real-time field buses to share measured data, for instance, with test-bench controllers. EtherCAT has mainly become an industry standard for this.

Thanks to the sixty-four-channel EtherCAT output module and the Simcenter SCADAS RS EtherCAT unit, all Simcenter hardware allows you to make a real-time connection to the test rig controller and replay durability loads in the lab.

Vehicle on a shaker test bench in a laboratory setting.
Case study


Simcenter portfolio from Siemens Digital Industries software enables simulation and testing success.

Daimler successfully standardizes global durability process
Case Study

Daimler successfully standardizes global durability process


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