An image showing results of a build simulation in Siemens NX.

Additive manufacturing build simulation

Simulation of the 3D print process is paramount to the industrialization of additive manufacturing (AM).

Optimize your additive manufacturing build quality

Additive manufacturing is a complex process with many variables. It can lead to companies struggling with generating quality, repeatable output from the 3D printing process. Our NX products address these challenges and provide solutions to help you make high-quality first-article prints.

Orientation optimization

Determine the optimal orientation for parts in the build tray using our additive manufacturing build optimizer solution. It is based on powerful simulation technology that uses a computational approach to simulate multiple part orientations in parallel. Because print quality is dependent on many factors, the orientation of the part in the build tray is important.

Une pièce dont l'orientation a été optimisée pour l'impression.

AM build simulation

Go beyond part orientation in your quest for ultimate first-article quality with the Simcenter 3D additive manufacturing tool. Employ patented technology to simulate the powder bed print process. The solution can identify areas of concern that may result in part distortion or recoater collisions and can automatically generate compensated part geometry.

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Results from a Simcenter 3D AM build simulation showing compensation for areas of high distortion.