JT Open Program

Join a unique global alliance of corporations and their software suppliers who promote the use and adoption of 3D JT data.

An engineer shares project information on a laptop with another engineer while they walk through a modern factory. The project information includes a CAD model with information the manufacturing process for the part they are displaying.

Why JT Open Program?

Join the global alliance of corporations and their software suppliers who, along with academia, form a community with the guiding principle of promoting the use and adoption of the JT file format.

The JT Open Program was formed by Siemens Digital Industries Software in 2003 at the request of a small group of forward-thinking corporations that saw value in the use of a common 3D format, JT. The program now has over 150 members, including Fortune 500 corporations located around the world.

The JT Open Program achievements include the publication of the JT file format specification and the creation of our no-charge JT viewer, JT2Go. The publication of the JT specification was the impetus for ISO acceptance of JT as IS 14306. JT Open Program members continue to work collaboratively to expand the use of JT throughout the industry to achieve cost savings an efficiencies realized through the adoption of standard 3D JT data.

Join JT Open Program

Join the JT Open Program—membership is open to any corporation, software vendor or academic institution. Interested parties can join the program as an advocate for no charge or select a fee-based membership. Fee-based memberships include corporate, vendor or academic institutions. Fee-based memberships include access to the JT Open Toolkit. Vendor members can utilize the JT Open Toolkit to create resale applications.

The program comprises two boards, an executive-level Management Review Board (MRB) and the Technical Review Board (TRB). All members are eligible to participate in Technical Review Board activities. MRB participation is managed through a ballot process. The JT Open program does not require the commitment of resources for participation.

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Access JT technology

Benefit from your JT Open Program membership with access to the JT Open Toolkit. The JT Open Toolkit is a C++ application programming interface (API) that provides read/write access to all JT file format content including: product structure, metadata, attributes, LODs, PMI and precise XT B-Rep geometry.

The JT Open Toolkit reads and writes ISO compliant JT files and all production versions of JT currently supported by Siemens PLM products. Included with the toolkit is the PLM XMK SDK and a PLM XML JT adapter that reads and writes PLM XML schema compliant XML. In addition, the toolkit includes a Unity game engine plug-in for reading JT content dynamically into a Unity session and the JT Utilities. The JT Utilities provide a series of command line utilities that can be used to support application development and JT reuse scenarios.

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