Simcenter E-Machine Design

Simcenter E-machine Design simulates a variety of motor types, including brushless PM motors, induction motors, switched reluctance motors and axial flux motors.

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A couple of engineers looking at the Simcenter E-Machine Design software on a screen.

Why Simcenter E-Machine Design?

Simcenter E-Machine Design enables you to quickly develop electric machine designs via its template-driven user interface, reducing development time and costs.

Model the complexity – tuned accuracy as appropriate
Simcenter E-Machine Design is the only software that allows you to select from analytical EMAG, calibrated analytical EMAG, or Finite Element Method [FEM] EMAG experiments; this versatility allows you to tune the accuracy and time of your performance data collection to the appropriate stage of the design.

Go faster – with ready-made templates
Remove the need for a FEM expert and the complicated process of setting up a model, refining the mesh, defining your desired experiment, and reviewing it. Instead, use our template-driven software to execute a wide range of experiments automatically.

Initiate your idea, clearly define it and quickly review its performance, reducing reliance on multiple physical prototypes.

Explore the possibilities – Comprehensive solution
The only product on the market that provides a comprehensive solution for reviewing machine performance at “operating conditions.” You can avoid potential failures using automatic, coupled magneto-thermal effects from the start. There is no data file or geometry exchange to get the coupling which eliminates potential user errors.

This is the only machine design tool that offers parameterized templates and modeling capabilities for both radial and axial flux machines.

Furthermore, E-Machine Design seamlessly connects to optimization or design exploration with the Simcenter HEEDS product with a specifically designated portal.

Stay integrated – with Simcenter Xcelerator
To produce a high-end electric vehicle that is both efficient and silent requires a team of engineers working on the motor and its housing, the transmission, and beyond to understand the vehicle’s entire NVH performance. Simcenter tools can simulate all of these features and their native file formats enable updates to the design to be available to all engineers, ensuring everyone is always working on the latest files.

Simulazione del raffreddamento delle macchine elettriche semplificata

Rimani integrato in un unico ecosistema di simulazione

Simcenter E-Machine Design capabilities

Simcenter E-Machine Design currently supports the following machine types via its design templates: synchronous, induction, switched reluctance, commutator, and axial flux. All templates can be easily modified, as they are fully parameterized. Automatic scaling is also available via the initial sizing function.

The menu shows the available motor types.

The winding layout plays a central role in machine performance. The technology used to determine the complete list of all possible balanced layouts is unique and makes evaluating alternatives easy. All the relevant factors are automatically calculated.

You can modify any predetermined layout, or manually describe the winding.

Four types of electric motor end windings.

Leverage seamless co-simulation between electromagnetics and thermal analysis for electric machines to study the effects of heat and various cooling strategies on performance. Using a robust and highly proficient 3D FEM and a clearly defined operating duty cycle, the software provides transient temperature results which can be readily reviewed.

The thermal results superimposed on an axil symmetrical slice of the motor.

Use preset virtual experiments to evaluate the simulated performance of electric machines. The experiments yield tables, charts, and shade plots of all necessary performance data.

The virtual experiments allow the user to analyze a range of operating points to fully characterize the machine.

Simcenter E-Machine Design shows the plots from the results.

Use the templates to quickly define the parameters of your Rotor and Stator for either radial or axial machines. Changes to the parameters are instantly displayed showing your new geometry.

Simcenter E-Machine Design software UI showing input parameters.

Test your design with different materials quickly with easy access to our database of materials. Our database includes independent libraries for each component of the machine. Assign lamination steels, magnets, or conductors from available libraries or enter your materials.

Simcenter E-machine design software interface.