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NX X Design solutions vs. Other CAD Solutions

Siemens' NX X Design solutions deliver all the power and flexibility you need from design to engineering—with the most comprehensive digital twin—to help you streamline design processes, accelerate time to market and improve product quality.

Remove barriers to innovation

Siemens can partner with you across software and hardware, delivering a complete digital twin. Digital twins allow you to accurately simulate, predict and optimize your product and production systems—before investing in physical prototypes.

Siemens' NX X Design solutions for CAD:

  • Enable highly complex design geometry
  • Scale your performance to massive assemblies
  • Maintain data across complex simulations
  • Integrate fully with your ecosystem and improves collaboration through Teamcenter

NX CAD software

Top CAD alternative

End-to-end product engineering solution for digital twin

Connect across hardware and software to collaborate, increase productivity and accelerate time to market with integrated multidisciplinary CAD, CAM, CAE and AM.

Comprehensive design environment

The strong processing power and depth of features of NX CAD embrace design complexity, enabling design from simple parts to large assemblies and datasets. Users also appreciate the adaptive user interface that makes NX accessible for both beginners and advanced designers.

Powerful design tools

NX CAD offers a wide range of innovative design tools that empower designers to create complex, highly detailed 3D models. It provides flexible modeling options with synchronous technology, convergent and hybrid modeling, and supports various design workflows.

Keeping pace with machine learning and AI-driven functionality

AI and machine learning capabilities work with you to speed up the design process through features such as generative design, NX Topology Optimizer, Selection Predictor, Select Similar and NX Voice Command Assist.

Unparalleled customization, flexibility and innovation

Users appreciate the ability to customize NX CAD to suit their specific workflows, design problems and preferences— from pre-packed NX X Design Standard, Advanced and Premium, to over 100 add-on tools for specific needs.

This flexibility results in a more personalized, efficient design experience. Add-ons are in a continuous release cycle, ensuring we are always incorporating customer requests and delivering new capabilities and innovations — a future-proof investment.

Best-in-class advanced surfacing and simulation capabilities

Users express high praise for the surfacing tools in NX CAD, both for robustness and ability to create smooth and precise surfaces.

They also appreciate the integrated validation and simulation capabilities, allowing them in a single solution to analyze, optimize and evaluate their designs early in the product development process.

Efficient collaboration, seamless integration with Siemens platforms

Using the powerful, open NX platform as the underlying digital thread, NX CAD seamlessly integrates with Teamcenter product lifecycle management software and other Siemens solutions, helping global teams effortlessly collaborate and share data across different stages of the design and production process.

Buying NX X for CAD

Choose from three robust levels of NX X Design solutions.

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Extend value with NX CAD add-on modules

No matter which NX X Design solution you choose, you can extend its CAD/CAM/CAE capabilities with add-on modules. Over 100+ add-on modules are available, allowing you to configure NX X to the specific requirements of your project.

NX X add-ons are delivered using our innovative value-based licensing model, which provides a cost-effective solution with the ultimate flexibility.

NX X key benefits for CAD

Boost design efficiency and innovation

Accelerate mechanical design processes

Collaborate with customers and suppliers

Reduce design process waste and costs

Improve product quality from the beginning

Streamline work from model to printed parts

[With NX CAD] You can work in a more innovative way, combining the capabilities of Alias, SolidWorks and Space Claim in a single tool.
G2 review

Standout features and capabilities of NX X

The CAD category leader

In the latest G2 ratings, NX CAD won 19 awards, including #1 in mechanical CAD, MCAD Leader for both small business and mid-market, and easiest to do business with. Beyond top scores for key features—such as 3D/solid modeling tools, editing tools and import files—NX CAD consistently earns high ratings for:

  • Ease of setup
  • Quality of support
  • Ease of use
  • Strong business partnership
8 of the badges representing awards won by NX CAD
Among the various 3D tools we validated and benchmarked, NX CAD was the best for freeform surfaces. We also decided NX had the best performance and NX continues to be the most advanced solution available.
Kietsu Satake, Plastic Device Production Dept. - Yamagata Casio

It’s easy to get started

Choose from three flexible, prepackaged NX X Design solutions that deliver all the high-performance design power you need.

If you ever have a product question, the Support Center and NX Design community are always just a click away to help.

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