Infographics represent a sustainable world.


Growing things

Feeding over 8 billion people is the greatest accomplishment of our species. But it comes at the cost of 9.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases. How can Simcenter be used to engineer a low-carbon future to feed the planet in a sustainable way?

Engineering the low-carbon hamburger of the future

If you ate just a single hamburger a day for a whole year, the meat alone would amount to about a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions, which is about 20% of what be allowed for a "5 tonne sustainable lifestyle".


Carbon footprint

Bun (40g)

47g CO2e

Salad (20g)

28g CO2e

Cheese (20g)

270g CO2e

Beef (108g)

2840g CO2e

Condiments (40g)

50g CO2e

A burger.

The carbon cost of food production

87% of the greenhouse gas emissions from the burger comes from the beef. Find out how simulation is helping to design the cruelty-free, low-carbon, lab-grown burger of the future.

An infographic representing low-carbon food production.