Production line planning

Press line planning

Perform comprehensive design, programming, analysis and simulation of multi-stage transfer presses.

Design fully validated dies

Define kinematics during die design and capture them in a die tooling library for reuse, including translation, rotation, limits and stop values, as well as linear, rotary, filling slider, crank slider and drag link cams.

Calculate collisions within the die for location and penetration depth, and generate detailed reports for the analysis of collision details to improve and validate the overall die design.

Image of die validation using Press Line Simulation software.

Plan the detailed operations for the entire press line

Support all of the tasks necessary for the successful planning of complex press lines, including loading of press motion curves, die and panel loading, collision checking, throughput and stroke rate optimization, part transfer and offline programming.

Use integrated simulation with available press controllers for the most accurate planning results and optimization possible for today's complex press systems. This will help maximize the utilization of the press system during production.

Image showing a press line design in Press Line Simulation software.

Simulate the complete sheet metal forming process

Simulate the complete sheet metal forming process from material flow and die motion to transfer equipment operation and die changeover, to optimize press timing, synchronization and throughput.

Use available interfaces to Siemens SIMOTION and other press controllers for easy data transfer from the press line simulation model to the real system. The application can then be visualized and the entire press system can be virtually commissioned prior to production.

Image of a complete press line design in Press Line Simulation software.

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