Engineer building an espresso machine in NX CAD software.

High-performance bundled CAD solutions

Compare NX CAD Mach Bundles

The NX Mach™ series of software offers preconfigured bundles that deliver comprehensive and scalable solutions to address all stages of the product development process. Built on a common core set of capabilities, each level adds functionality to meet the design demands of users.

Which CAD bundle is right for your needs?

NX Mach 1, 2, and 3 are prepackaged solutions. They deliver the high-performance CAD capabilities of NX software through comprehensive and scalable digital product development. Address all stages of the product development process—from basic design through production.

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Teamcenter integration for NX
Feature-based solid modeling
Synchronous technology
Core Convergent Modeling
Advanced assembly modeling
Basic freeform modeling
Advanced freeform modeling
User-defined features

NX CAD Mach 1 is best for

NX Mach 1 is a full scale entry level design system with design drafting and documentation capabilities. A suite of traditional design tools for the vast majority of engineering. Functionalities include assemblies, with solid modeling and drafting, basic freeform modeling and sheet metal design. NX Mach 1 is an ideal solution for simple prismic parts and the creation of typical mechanical designs.

NX CAD Mach 2 is best for

The NX Mach 2 design package provides enhanced product design capabilities including flexible printed circuit board design, validation checking, user-defined features, rendering, 3D annotation for product and manufacturing information (PMI) and basic routing. This solution is best for those looking to move beyond product design into a product engineering workflow.

NX CAD Mach 3 is best for

NX Mach 3 is a complete advanced product design and engineering suite that includes everything for concept design, industrial design and high-end styling. With NX Mach 3 you are also able to customize your solution to focus on industry specific challenges, with specific disciplines for example, Industrial Design and Mold Design. Those looking for a best in class solution for high end rendering and industry specific end to end workflows.

What are NX Mach bundles?

The NX Mach™ software products are prepackaged solutions delivering high-performance computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities of NX™ software, They offer solutions for specific product development roles, practices and processes, in three performance tiers. Value-added upgrades are available to move customers from one tier to the next. Each package delivers complete capabilities for production work.

NX Mach 1, 2 and 3 solutions include everything needed to integrate with
Teamcenter® software to provide optional extended engineering process management tools through scalable collaboration and advanced management to expand the power of NX.

The NX Mach packages transform the product development process and support dynamic change within organizations by:

  • Increasing innovation throughout the product development process
  • Eliminating waste by better utilizing time, material and intellectual resources
  • Improving quality from the beginning

NX Mach bundle key advantages

  • A Unified solution – Offer greatest opportunity on market to expand use of the digital twin across customer’s engineering processes through seamless application integration to rapidly propagate changes to product and associated process information
  • Knowledge-driven automation – re-use of product and process knowledge across all elements and phases of product development
  • Integrated simulation and validation – comprehensive simulation and validation tools check product performance and manufacturability throughout every step of product development
  • Siemens Xcelerator – all tools necessary to integrate with the full digital twin end to end process including Teamcenter
  • Customer flexibility - desktop and cloud options provide productivity leadership in engineering workflows

All of the NX Mach design solutions share a common denominator of high-performance CAD functions and powerful high-definition 3D (HD3D) Visual Reporting, enabling designers and engineers to quickly understand key elements of their designs. Each level of the solutions builds upon the previous, providing increasingly more sophisticated and advanced design capabilities.

NX Mach bundle features

  • End-to-end mechanical product design solutions with a rich set of supporting tools
  • High-performance modeling, drafting and comprehensive assembly design powered
    by synchronous technology and Convergent Modeling
  • Comprehensive preconfigured solutions tailored for the full range of product design
  • Power and flexibility that supports virtually any design methodology, whether top-down or bottom-up

NX Mach bundle benefits

  • Boosts product design efficiency
  • Accelerates mechanical design processes
  • Improves collaboration
  • Single environment facilitates process from model to printed parts

You can extend and enhance the functionality of the NX Mach series with add-on modules. These add-ons enable you to configure your solutions to specific requirements with specialized design tools, standard parts applications, design-integrated simulation solutions, programming and customization toolkits and direct translators.