A man looking at two computer monitors, one displaying NX CAD software.

Machine engineering

Automation design

NX enables holistic engineering of production systems from mechanical concepts to complete programmable logic controller (PLC) code. Discover a new toolset for a complete machine and plant design workflow.

White paper

Prepare for a paradigm shift in advanced machine design

Learn how to leverage advanced machine design software for a competitive advantage, learn the benefits of the comprehensive digital twin, and learn how to embrace and master the machine engineering complexity with this white paper from CIMdata.

A machine with bottles inside of it, with a blue "digital twin" outline of the machine next to it.

Advanced machine engineering for industrial machinery

Take a look at the key trends, implications, possibilities and solutions that are used to address key challenges for industrial machinery manufacturers.

A clip art of boxes on a conveyor belt with two robot arms, with a tablet device analyzing the machine.