Production line planning

Assembly line planning

Conduct guided planning and detailing for complex assembly tasks and production lines with a focus on the different technologies and manufacturing features used to create an assembly.

Execute more efficient line planning

Start the planning process in the line planning view, where parts are distributed to stations and the flow between those stations is defined in a modern PERT viewer.

To better understand the distribution of parts, the assignment status of each part and assembly is displayed with an assignment indicator directly in the graphic viewer, identifying the parts based on their status. Display the visual buildup of the product in the assembly line as a result of this work.

A graphic showing the Tecnomatix nx assembly line planner line planning feature.

Develop better resource plans

Take advantage of all the required layout functions while using the embedded Teamcenter software classification to access standard resources.

Focus on the factory itself while the product is temporarily blended out. This view offers many ways to define a rough layout or a detailed layout with exact measurements, leveraging utilities like connectors to quickly and easily position components within the factory layout.

A graphic showing the Tecnomatix nx assembly line planner resource planning feature.

Generate station details with ease

Detail stations with only the content of the station displayed, including the equipment, the parts and sub-assemblies, and the manufacturing process required for that step in the assembly sequence. The parts and sub-assemblies are automatically positioned in the desired fixture in each station.

Use advanced feature search to identify which features need to be worked on and distribute them as required. Recognize the different operation types for creating the process flow in the station using the available Gantt viewer. Distribute features, parts and resources to the operations and define variants.

A graphic of a tecnomatix nx assembly line planner station detailing feature.

Simplify complex planning tasks

Leverage guided planning and detailing for complex assembly tasks in an intuitive user experience using NX software.

Image of an robotic assembly line with conveyor, worker, robots and fixture in NX Assembly Line Planner software.

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