A view of a tablet with aerospace interactive documentation showing real-time service publication with the airplane in the background.

Capital capabilities

Electrical document publications

Intelligent technical documentation is the key to researching information easily, identifying problems quickly, and ultimately reaching resolution in shorter time. Use Capital to publish your data intelligently.

Create accurate electrical publications

Deliver complex technical content

Provide factual, concise data rapidly with safety and quality at the core of its delivery.

Handle growing feature complexity

Reduce the need to add headcount to cover the complexity gap as features grow and the speed of change continues to get faster and faster.

Generate true-to-the-source data

Apply the digital thread to your technical publication creation process to drive change. Data will flow from the source to your after-sales department.

Create documentation directly from engineering data

Reuse design data to create technical publications, document design changes, and enable electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting. Automate publication tasks, such as wiring diagram repartitioning and graphics styling, with multi-language support.

Design change documentation

A vital part of electrical systems development is the capability to control and manage changes to designs within and across organizations. This requires the ability to visualize changes, and then understand them and how they impact related systems. The lightweight, web-based tools in Capital software enable teams to view and review changes without impacting live designs. 

Electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting

Service technicians need the latest relevant and detailed documentation. Ideally, it is directly connected to released design data. With Capital, product-specific documentation can be generated on demand, eliminating the need for technicians to interpret generic diagrams representing multiple customer options − a time-consuming and error-prone task. 

Click-and-sprout signal tracing on wiring diagrams allows technicians to rapidly identify the potential cause of problems. Component behavior and specifications can be rapidly identified via multiple easy-to-navigate views, component location on the vehicle, wiring diagram and component specification. Guided diagnosis complements these technical information sources, providing technicians the route from fault codes to solution. 

All of these resources help to reduce technician downtime for complex new product and systems training. The technical information walks technicians through the process, reducing problem diagnosis time while increasing first-time fix rates, which drive customer satisfaction.

Technical publications creation

Capital repartitions and restyles technical data to be ready for publication. The powerful automation capabilities include multiple language translation outputs and the ability to automatically integrate with other sources such as 3D or component and assembly illustrations. 

Publications can then be distributed to service technicians providing product-specific views to ensure technicians have all the information at their fingertips for the product in front of them.

Capital success

Navistar’s product lifecycle digital thread

Global vehicle manufacturer uses Capital software to develop a digital thread across the entire product lifecycle
Case Study

Global vehicle manufacturer uses Capital software to develop a digital thread across the entire product lifecycle


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