Capital Service Explorer

Quickly create accurate 2D wiring diagrams and 3D routing views with real-time schematic generation and diagnostic troubleshooting.

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Using capital service explorer to generate real-time schematics.

Why Capital Service Explorer?

Capital Service Explorer is a web-based application that enables service technicians to more rapidly diagnose and repair problems. Technical documentation and data are packaged and intelligently linked together so information is accessible and easy to navigate.

Enable technicians to find information faster and make repairs more quickly

Reduce maintenance downtime
Reuse engineering as-built and as-manufactured data in an intelligent schematic that service technicians can search. This enables them to resolve electrical failures faster through auto-generation of circuit paths for sign tracing.

Increase vehicle uptime
Empower dealers to solve problems quickly and easily by displaying data linked directly to the associated wiring diagram schematics and electrical connector views.

Leverage ease of use to help with adoption
Access external resources through dynamically generated links.

Enhance brand image and reputation
Tailor the look and feel to your needs using configurable packages.

Have confidence in the details of your product
Access VIN/configuration/tail number-specific wiring diagrams.

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