Capital E/E Publisher

A rule-driven E/E diagram generation tool creating accurate output true to the underlying engineering design data.

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two engineers review the latest design specs before publishing

Why Capital E/E Publisher?

Capital E/E Publisher reduces cost and improves accuracy of publications by creating formatted documentation directly from data sources. Gain the ability to deliver highly navigable, vehicle/configuration-specific data into the service technician’s environment, improving quality and accuracy.

Generate rule-driven diagrams

Create service diagrams from wiring diagrams
Use web-based technology to allow service technicians to view publications within a web browser – without the need for additional applications.

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone redrawing of existing data
Choose baseline content for each new service diagram. AutoView technology adds the details and generates the complete diagram, creating a wider range of service diagram views.

Embrace accurate drawn-from-design data
Apply option filtering to provide vehicle-specific diagram rendering, giving service technicians higher quality information easier and faster than paper manual.

Globalize your publications
Receive automated translations from the language dictionary, minimizing the cost of entering new markets.

Help your technicians trace faults faster
Hyperlink pages and objects to specifications and other resources to provide a richer experience during the diagnostic process.

Customize to meet your needs
Control the Capital user interface design, provisions of custom actions, custom design rule checks, custom reporting and many other parts of the process with APIs.

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