Capital Connectors

Capital Connectors enables seamless electrical data sharing with MCAD, PLM and simulation tools.

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Engineers from different disciplines sharing MCAD, ECAD, and related information on a computer.

Why Capital Connectors?

Capital is accessible to an open ecosystem of engineering tools. To help companies work as they need, Capital connects to the adjacent domains, whether mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), PLM and simulation tools, requirements management or application lifecycle management (ALM) systems.

Create a digital thread with adjacent applications

Integrate with MCAD systems
Leverage integration tools for all leading MCAD systems, with support for a variety of end users. Providing more than a simple file exchange process, Capital gives designers precise control of each data attribute as it flows between systems.

Specify ownership of the data
Maintain data ownership in the digital thread. For example, wire length is defined by MCAD, wire color is defined by harness designer, and once specified, the Capital/MCAD interface controls all data flows. This allows designers to work concurrently and without risk of introducing errors caused by accidental modification of data in one system or the other.

Take advantage of powerful harness flattening capabilities
Intelligently flatten and unfold complex 3D harness networks into 2D branch layouts ready for detailing. Grommets, clips and other mechanical parts are transferred, as well as connector-clocking and orientation.

Provide precise control of data exchange with change manager

All MCAD interfaces support the incremental change process using a change manager that includes diagnosis, selection and application of incoming changes – simplifying and automating the task of change management.

Integrate with PLM systems
Explore the rich set of data management capabilities Capital includes for a standalone electrical design environment. Achieve integrations with any PLM system using the available web services and API customizations.

Ensure a consistent overall product structure with Teamcenter integration
When paired with Teamcenter, many native data management capabilities are done in the Teamcenter environment to ensure a consistent development lifecycle. Capital embeds the Teamcenter Active Workspace inside the electrical tool environment to provide electrical designers direct access to the product structure, feature definitions and other multi-domain data.

Control the lifecycle and approval process
Submit Capital designs to a Teamcenter workflow to control the lifecycle and approval process using native tracking and notification mechanisms. This tight integration allows Capital to focus on the efficient model-driven design of electrical models, while at the same time integrating into the overall product development process.

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