Capital Device Modeler

A web-based interface for capturing component usage information, and sharing device information across electrical and electronics (E/E) domains​.

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A design engineer uses a tablet to review the latest prototype specifications.

Why Capital Device Modeler?

Capital Device Modeler is a web-based authoring environment for device library data. It extends to capture component data and automatically creates connectivity in the logical or physical domain directly from the device definition data. This reduces design time and costs, while improving quality.

Easily capture comprehensive device and component data

Create data with ease
Provide a complete authoring environment for device library data (examples: part number, pin electrical characteristics) and applicability (examples: device role, pin signals, program usage, ownership).

Control input
Maximize data quality using pre-population, dictionaries and verification.

Manage your data
Improve process robustness by providing revisioning and release management. Capture lifecycle device definitions securely and remove transcription errors using an environment natively integrated with the Capital flow. 

Employ a rich data model
Easily extend your solution to cover all of the data an organization needs to capture; for example, safety, environmental, data sheets and more.

Authenticate user access
Ensure data security while providing visibility to legitimate stakeholders within a centralized environment.

Cut costs with an integrated application
Reduce design creation costs and avoid errors by inserting device data directly into the design flow.

Input spreadsheet-like data via a web browser
Aid the adoption of your data for a wide community of engineers who may or may not use or have access to other Capital tools.

Reduce design costs and eliminate errors
Downstream automation creates connectivity in the logical or physical domain directly from the device definition data. By automatically creating connectivity using device definition data, you can reduce design costs and eliminate manual errors (Capital Logic Designer functionality).

Maximize design quality
Use design rule checks (DRCs) to verify that designed devices, connectivity and harnesses correctly match Interface Control Document (ICD) definitions. Use dictionaries, automatic population and input controls to ensure data quality; check that devices used in designs correctly match definitions.

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