Capital E/E Insight

Analyze electrical and electronics (E/E) design metrics easily so you can evaluate design decisions and create trade studies for fast decision making.

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Engineering manager reviewing latest test results of a new design.

Why Capital E/E Insight?

Capital E/E Insight enables real-time "what-if" architectural trade studies for electrical system designs. These studies can be intuitively developed to compare and evaluate key design metrics such as cost and weight, leading to faster and better design decision making.

Collect metrics and improve design topology

Assess logical architectures using standard metrics 
Benefit from the automatic updates Capital E/E Insight delivers. As changes are made, values dynamically update for instant assessments.

Study and compare designs and trade-off scenarios
Display feedback in the right environment to help designers stay focused and organized. 

Create and edit metrics easily
Configure metric reports with flexibility and powerful insights for accurate assessments of logical architecture. 

Compare data across physical and logical architectures  
Find and display the data you need with the flexible options of Capital E/E Insights. Engineers get insight on what they want, how they want​ it.

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