Capital Wiring Integrator

Develop platform-level wiring system routing. Engineers can verify signal separation and easily collaborate with multiple users.

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a designer working in collaboration with engineers to build wire routing

Why Capital Wiring Integrator?

Capital Wiring Integrator allows users to define device locations and harness bundle layouts within a platform. Devices can be placed manually or automatically using configurable rules. Then wiring can be accurately and efficiently routed through bundle paths using the automated rules.

Visualize designs and validate results

Ensure wire routing across the vehicle
Use automatic synthesis of wiring objects (wires, splices, etc.) with configurable rules to simplify the task of subsystem integration, allow real-time wiring architecture studies, and ensure consistent application of intellectual property and engineering best practices.

Perform platform-level routing of wiring application​
Automatic and manual placement features provide powerful device packaging capabilities. The 2D representation of vehicle topology enables simple design visualization.

Collaborate and refine designs
Apply a multi-user collaborative design environment to ensure signal separation verification and wire routing across the vehicle. Make use of design refinement functions, such as the ability to insert in-line connectors and move splice locations.

Save time with Capital
Leverage seamless integration within the Capital software suite, which provides a data-centric environment, easy access to and from other Capital tools, and a common look and feel across the toolset.

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