Insights Hub

Industrial IoT application suite empowering customers to generate actionable insights from assets and operational data, improving operational decision making.

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Two engineers working on a computer in a factory analyzing industrial Internet of Things (IoT) data collected from Insights Hub.

Why Insights Hub?

Advanced connectivity
Select the best connectivity solution to connect assets and systems and upload data to the cloud. 

Scalable solutions
Use industrial Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based applications and solutions that quickly scale, expand and integrate based on business needs. 

Continuous insights 
Perform advanced streaming analytics at the edge or in the cloud to fast track insights for critical and non-critical processes. 

Comprehensive analytics 
Access new insights by combining and analyzing IoT data with information from PLM, CRM, ERP, SCM, SLM and MES systems. 
Customized low-code applications 
Develop and integrate personalized low-code applications to meet specific business.

Explore Industrial Operations X capabilities

Access the most comprehensive industrial IoT solution powering the convergence of IT and OT. Benefit from the unlimited possibilities: lower costs, higher quality, more flexibility, efficiency and faster innovation. Our solutions deliver the speed, scalability and versatility you need to succeed. 

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Meet your industrial IoT needs with Insights Hub

Explore the industrial IoT cloud-based capabilities of Insights Hub. Leverage data and create intuitive and actionable insights, with flexibility to adapt to your specific processes and systems.