Process Simulate Collaborate

Visualize, review and analyze factory production lines authored in Process Simulate software, anytime, anywhere and with anyone using cloud-based 3D collaboration.

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Realtime collaboration using Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate cloud-based software.

Why Process Simulate Collaborate?

Visualize, review and analyze Process Simulate studies in a dynamic, cloud-based, 3D collaboration environment. With this web-based application, you can easily share and collaborate on Process Simulate studies with your colleagues and customers.

Streamline digital collaboration
Allow participants to review studies independently or collaboratively, improving productivity and collaboration through 3D visualization and simulation. Eliminate the manual way of sharing studies and gain a flexible and effective approach to collaborating on Process Simulate studies with multiple people among cross-functional teams.

Access key features

  • Enjoy a visually intuitive interface, including comprehensive simulations in 3D
  • Access from various devices, including desktops and tablets, to facilitate on-the-go 3D collaboration
  • Use a web browser, without a Process Simulate installation, to make simulation studies easily accessible and scalable for your organization

Explore Process Simulate Collaborate capabilities

A collection of available studies for review in the Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate software user interface.

Enable seamless sharing, organization and validation of Process Simulate studies. Upload new studies or sort and filter existing studies by various criteria, such as project name or modified date.

Eliminate the manual way of sharing studies with static images. Work within a digital 3D collaboration environment to ensure that there is a clear, singular master study being worked on, facilitating consistent and accurate updates to the study. While viewing the 3D simulation, reviewers can leave feedback and other notes in the context of the specific study area.

Realtime collaboration using Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate cloud-based software.

Collaborate on Process Simulate studies with internal or external stakeholders without the need for a Process Simulate application. Inviting stakeholders to collaborate on a study is as simple as creating a unique link and sending it digitally to each stakeholder.

Whether a presenter or an invited stakeholder, all collaborative session participants can interact with the study by adding notes or using real-time chat. Participating stakeholders can view the study independently from what is presented while in a session.

A stakeholder can request control of the session to select the played simulation and present their view to the group. With this added flexibility, 3D collaboration sessions are even more effective than simply sharing a screen.

Collecting 3D simulation model feedback using Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate cloud-based software.

Collect and document Process Simulate study changes independently or in a 3D collaboration environment. More readily put study feedback into action to enable efficient communication and streamline the process of making improvements and implementing necessary changes to the study.

When viewing and collaborating on a study, you can:

  • Switch between user interface panels 
  • Switch between minimal distance and point-to-point measurements 
  • Switch between measurement units (in/mm) 
  • Zoom in and out of specific areas of your study 
  • Show and hide participant notes

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Contact a product expert and learn how cloud-based collaboration can help you visualize and analyze Process Simulate-authored studies.

Case study

Wipro PARI

Wipro PARI uses Process Simulate software to validate engine assembly line in just three months.

Using virtual commissioning to reduce commissioning time by 70 percent
Case Study

Using virtual commissioning to reduce commissioning time by 70 percent

Company:Wipro PARI

Industry:Industrial machinery

Location:Pune, India

Siemens Software:Tecnomatix

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