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NX X Value Based Licensing (50 count)

NX X Value Based Licensing tokens provide a flexible and cost effective solution for running NX X add-on modules without the need for individual purchases.

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Graphic of NX tokens

Innovate without compromise

No matter which NX X Design solution you choose, with add-on modules you can extend its CAD/CAM/CAE capabilities.

Over 100+ add-on modules are available, allowing you to configure NX X to the specific requirements of your project— with specialized design tools, standard parts applications, design-integrated simulation solutions, programming and customization toolkits and direct translators. Take a minute to go through the interactive overview to explore the possibilities of NX Design add-on modules.

Your NX X purchase is a future proof investment: every 6 months we do a new release of add-ons, continually providing you with new capabilities and innovations. Your gateway to NX X add-ons is through Value Based Licensing, with new add-ons are immediately available in the token pool.

A graphic representing value-based licensing: four desktop computers to represent users, stacks of

How add-ons work

NX X Design add-ons are delivered exclusively using our innovative Value Based Licensing model, which provides a cost-effective solution with the ultimate flexibility. Engineering teams can tap into the vast array of capabilities—whether you need them daily or occasionally.

Simply purchase a pool of tokens for your team. It is a check-in and check-out model. Each add-on and tool in the library have a value. When that add-on is checked-out, the token value is subtracted from the pool. When that product is no longer in use, its token value is added back to the available pool.