D-Cubed CDM

Analyze collisions and measure clearances in your 3D modeling environments with D-Cubed Collision Detection Manager (CDM), designed for integration in CAD, CAM and CAE applications.

An engineer using Computer-Aided Manufacturing software to eliminate machine tool collisions using a collision detection manager.

Why D-Cubed Collision Detection Manager?

Resolve collisions that would prevent the successful manufacture of an assembly, or impede the intended motion of parts. D-Cubed Collision Detection Manager (CDM) is integrated into applications to analyze 3D models for spatial interference. Reliably detecting such errors reduces the number of expensive physical prototypes that are required.

Delivered as a software component for integration by software vendors, CDM benefits a wide range of 3D modeling applications, including assembly modeling and computer-aided manufacturing.

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Accurate collision detection

Perform rapid collision checking on exact models to support interactive assembly processes and motion simulation. Detecting collisions on exact models has benefits for precision engineering; fine gouges are reliably detected, whereas collisions arising in error from model approximations are avoided. Faceted models are also supported where accuracy is less critical.

Further analysis reveals the depth of a collision and provides re-positioning information to remedy a collision. Applications can also determine the clearance between two parts, or predict collisions along a given path.

High performance

Get interactive collision detection performance on any combination of exact and facetted models. Performance optimizations include incremental computations in dynamic scenes and efficient memory usage with demand-driven part loading and instancing.

Wide choice of model types

Perform collision analyses on any combination of exact, faceted, solid, surface, wireframe, manifold and non-manifold geometry formats. Flexible integration architecture supports multiple model formats in the same application. CDM is tolerant to models containing errors, such as gaps between faces.

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