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Routed systems software

Routed systems design tools

With routing tools you can quickly and accurately define paths in assemblies, then select and place standard parts for tubes, pipes, conduit, raceways and HVAC ducts. Design rules checking helps you locate and resolve problems to ensure quality.

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NX X is cloud SaaS NX, delivering the full power of NX design capabilities through three scalable seat options.  NX X can be easily installed onto your devices for seamless connectivity. Built on NX architecture, you can continue to collaborate across disciplines with zero data loss—with confidence in secure data management capabilities.

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2D & 3D piping design

Create a 2D schematic diagram defining the logical connections between devices, then build a 3D model of the system assembly driven by the schematic. Path creation tools assist you in defining paths and constraining the mechanical system to adjacent components. Quickly define runs and spool subsections to reference in the 2D schematic, manufacturing drawings and other documentation.

NX includes a part library that automatically uses intelligent algorithms to select components based on run characteristics and ensures proper attachment to the assembly. Use template assemblies to place auxiliary components such as valves, flanges and gaskets in a single step.

NX Diagramming 2D schematic of a mechanical routed pipe system with container tanks, valves and pumps.

Design rule checking

Access design rule checking (DRC) to ensure that your routed systems designs adhere to standard design practices. The expandable rule set includes checks for minimum bend radius, minimum length, connection compatibility, flow direction and other characteristics. The rules checks can be run concurrently or on demand, and NX warns you immediately when rule violations are detected. The rules-driven path planning and routing capabilities improve quality and eliminate errors.

HD3D NX Routing visual rule checks on a pipe run within a aero undercarriage assembly.

Pipe design documentation

Prepare all the documentation you need for manufacturing with the help of the fluid and mechanical systems routing capabilities of NX. The software automates the process of calculating cut lengths, numbering parts and stock, creating bills of materials and bend reports, and producing manufacturing drawings.

Screenshot of an NX routed systems pipe design dashboard.
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