Simcenter SCADAS system

Gain productivity for multiphysics measurement with a broad range of test data acquisition hardware from portable units to high-channel-count laboratory systems.

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Portable mobile units and autonomous smart recorders that are part of the Simcenter SCADAS hardware.

Why Simcenter SCADAS?

Rely on the flexibility, performance and precision of Simcenter SCADAS hardware to execute a wide range of multiphysics measurement campaigns.

Any Simcenter SCADAS hardware supports a variety of analog and digital transducers for acoustic, vibration and durability engineering. A future-proof investment, the hardware is seamlessly integrated with Simcenter Testlab for accelerated test setup and accurate results.

Take the fast track from measurement to insight

  • Measure and synchronize a large variety of analog and digital sensor data for processing and analysis in a single file
  • Obtain high data throughput for both low- and high-sample rates
  • Use a single system for multiphysics applications
  • Avoid multiple individual tests to gain instrumentation time
  • Standardize, automate or autonomously run tests
  • Streamline data acquisition, processing, analysis, reporting and sharing in a single
    integrated software application
  • Facilitate plug-and-play deployment

Find a testing solution that fits your industry needs

  • Combine various systems in a distributed setup
  • Cover a wide variety of multiphysics critical applications
  • Combine portable systems for field measurements with high-channel-count laboratory front ends
  • Transfer a large amount of data over long distances and multiple frames

Optimize your measurement precision and data quality

  • Limited harmonic distortion
  • Highly precise phase matching
  • State-of-the-art signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range
  • Accurately synchronized time data for both low- and high-varying signals, even over long distances or in a distributed test setup

Explore Simcenter SCADAS portfolio

Take a closer look at the complete Simcenter SCADAS solutions for your measurement needs.

Simcenter SCADAS capabilities

Multiphysics testing

Configure your data acquisition hardware according to your testing requirements. Simcenter SCADAS Mobile includes a broad range of input modules supporting a large variety of transducers and signal conditioning capabilities, combining analog and digital signals. It covers a broad range of physical types, including vibration, forces, strain, displacement, temperature, sound, torsion, pressure, CAN-bus, GPS and many more.

A Simcenter SCADAS recorder

Data acquisition systems

There is a lot of hardware involved when testing and measuring. No matter where your hardware comes from, your requirements are always similar: you expect it to be easy to setup, robust, flexible, precise and reliable. Streamline your purchase, testing and maintenance processes by selecting hardware from a partner that supplies end-to-end solutions for your multiphysics testing requirements, from sensors and exciters to comprehensive data acquisition, analysis and reporting solutions.

Our extensive range of miniature shakers and sound sources, third-party transducers and sensors, data acquisition hardware, and sound source localization solutions are designed to help you set up and carry out tests faster and more efficiently than before.

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A range of data acquisition system hardware.