Capital Embedded AR Classic

The Siemens implementation of the AUTOSAR Classic standard basic software.

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Diagram of an AUTOSAR stack.

Why Capital Embedded AR Classic?

Capital Embedded AR Classic software is our implementation of the AUTOSAR Classic platform. This solution is at the forefront of addressing challenges facing automotive companies with increasingly complex embedded software issues. Engineers achieve faster go-to-market with higher-quality software.

Ensure on-time product deployment with advanced AUTOSAR software

Meet your AUTOSAR Classic needs
Deploy Capital Embedded AR Classic, our scalable AUTOSAR Classic software platform that's confirmed to meet ISO 26262 use cases for up to ASIL D. Versions are available for several recent AUTOSAR Classic releases, including 4.3.1 and 20-11.

Rely on communication protocol support
Get implementation support for LIN, CAN/CAN-FD, Ethernet and FlexRay. Our solution is built on the legacy of the automotive industry's long experience with in-vehicle communication.

Enable efficient embedded systems development
Assure efficient multibus gateway implementation. The software provides multicore support, software components (SWC) and basic software (BSW) distribution over multiple partitions. 

Execute time-critical applications 
Use the profiling option for on-time execution.

Design to fit your needs
Enjoy scalability for small-footprint and high-performance platforms.

Enable more advantages
Extensions are available for OEM-specific requirements, including for cybersecurity.

Benefit from cross-product interaction
Use an automated process to simplify electronic control unit (ECU) configuration with Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic.

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