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Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic

A powerful integration tool used to configure and integrate Capital Embedded AR Classic embedded software.

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Why Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic?

Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic is a powerful solution for the complete configuration of the AUTOSAR middleware components. It manages the complexity in today’s electronic control units (ECUs) to improve quality and deliver products to market faster.

Configure and integrate your AUTOSAR platform

Create an efficient software development flow 
Employ high levels of automation, in a generative flow, to streamline complex configuration tasks. Advanced graphical editors help visualize configuration and flow elements for ease of use.

Improve quality through consistency checks
Ensure configuration correctness and use tool guides to resolve conflicts. The automatic generation of the ECU configuration continues the digital thread and is enabled by import capabilities of standardized and proprietary data exchange formats.

Focus on innovation
Support continuous integration with scripting for custom interactions and extensions. You can use many standard Eclipse features and plug-ins, such as configuration management and report generators, to increase productivity. 

Meet deadlines with confidence
Support a correct-by-construction strategy with design tool features, such as configuration consistency checks. Develop with greater test control, visibility, repeatability and coverage.

Save time and correct errors
Use built-in design rule checks (DRC) to highlight if there are missing data from inputs to the ECU configuration generator from upstream tools. The DRCs can be extended through the open scripting API to enforce specific design needs.

Implement the guided development flow in the Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic dashboard, which adapts to the user persona, to provide your design team with a streamlined approach to achieving a complete ECU configuration. Supported by the tool, developers can produce high-quality output to eliminate issues that are expensive to resolve later in the ECU software design and verification process. 

Produce accurate operations with generative software
Use the configuration of the AUTOSAR basic software (BSW) to enable the correct execution of applications in the vehicle system, where data and resources may be either on the same ECU or on distributed ECUs around the vehicle, or even in the cloud.

The definition of the application’s data and execution requirements, as well as the data exchanged with the system, is described in the configurations provided by the application and network design tools. 

Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic fuses the input data from these sources, and through the rules-based generation process, the tool resolves the system dependencies and generates the basic software configuration.

Get the help you need with guides, wizards and more
Take advantage of wizards, smart panels and guided workflows to help engineers finalize the ECU configuration; especially, for the parts of the ECU configuration that can't be described in the exchange format or are possibly missing data from upstream tooling. Also, implement the necessary features to do application authoring in case applications are provided without the required AUTOSAR descriptions.

In the situation that software components (SWC) are to be coded by hand or by a tool that does not support AUTOSAR, the Capital Embedded AR Classic run-time environment generates the SWC API based on the provided SWC description.

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