Capital Formboard Manager

Quickly and accurately merge similar formboards for more efficient use of production space and resources.

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a formboard design system optimizes harness layout and wire parameters for the most effective assembly

Why Capital Formboard Manager?

Create and maintain merged formboards in an environment based on contiguous data flows with Capital Formboard Manager. The tool makes it easy for manufacturing engineering departments to maximize efficiency of their production lines.

Create and maintain merged formboards

Edit with multiple-view facility
Create different views of formboard and harness drawings, such as shop floor view, engineering view and customer view. The multiple-view facility simplifies creation of drawings and automatically updates all related drawings when a change is made.

Simplify revision management with data management facilities
Eliminate transcription errors common to traditional file-based processes. The data-centric backbone simplifies project and process management, design change, cross-organization communication and integration with upstream and downstream processes.

Reduce errors with integrated change management
Data reuse reduces errors by maintaining data throughout the entire flow. Automated design rule checks identify problems and enforce best practices.

Save time
Reduce the time required to create merged formboard and reinvest it into production line optimization tasks.

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