Capital Harness Line Balancer

Balance the workload across and within workstations to optimize the production line and increase efficiency.

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A factory manager distributing manufacturing tasks across multiple harness production lines.

Why Capital Harness Line Balancer?

Capital Harness Line Balancer enables production engineers to quickly and accurately distribute manufacturing tasks across workstations on a production line. This allows time for multiple what-if scenarios to be compared and analyzed for optimum efficiency.

Design an efficient production line

Use more time for optimization
Balance large numbers of tasks and free up time. Improve efficiency by using flexibility to group and regroup by chosen criteria.

Leverage guided balancing
Assign tasks to workstations by drag-and-drop. Constant guidance shows the earliest workstation where a task can be performed based on defined task and material dependencies.

Automate validation
Warning messages immediately alert if a task is assigned to a workstation before the material is present or before a prerequisite task is complete.

Get detailed analysis
Charts show time variance for tasks at each workstation for all or some of the designs. Cross-highlighting provides easy navigation between views.

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