Capital Network Designer

Manage in-vehicle network communication needs with a focus on end-to-end timing and optimal network utilization.

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A screenshot of an in-vehicle network design showing key parameters and timing.

Why Capital Network Designer?

We bring the network, architecture, software and electrical system design under one holistic ecosystem with the integrations in Capital Network Designer. This comprehensive suite provides tools to design networks, performs timing analysis and generates electronic control unit (ECU) definitions.

Optimize and verify with generative network design

Manage a vast number of variants in a single design
Use essential tooling with high levels of design automation for designing in-vehicle networks and creating the ECU definitions sent from OEMs to tier 1 suppliers.

Reduce development costs and risks
Assure consistency and guaranteed delivery with advanced timing analysis.

Integrate network and software component architectures
Ease the generation of consistent and complete ECU extracts.

Empower design teams
Control real-time system design across distributed teams. Capital Network Designer provides full design support for all major automotive network standard protocols, such as CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet (SOME/IP, TCP, UDP, DoIP, DDS).

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