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Capital Harness Designer LD

A wiring system and harness design authoring tool based on the KBL standard.

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Why Capital Harness Designer LD?

Capital Harness Designer LD takes existing electrical systems and topological data and creates a comprehensive wiring harness diagram. Full-scale formboard drawings for wiring harness production can also be produced.

Implement robust KBL adoption

Combine electrical and topological information using the KBL data format
Leverage Capital Harness Designer LD, which uses the KBL data format. It is the preferred standard format in the German automotive industry for wiring harness design.

Create fully engineered wiring harness data
Prepare data that are ready to pass into the production preparation. Changes performed on the master wiring harness are immediately available in the derivatives or KSK modules, supporting digital traceability.

Easily create and update the 2D layout
Use Capital Harness Designer LD to identify when changes are made to designs, whether in the 3D model or ELOG (electronic logbook) definition, ensuring everything is kept up-to-date and accurate.

Take advantage of formboard drawing and support
Implement Capital Harness Designer LD, a comprehensive tool for wiring harness development. It includes user-defined design rules, simple definition of formboard drawings, automatic creation of bills of materials and wire lists, reports on version comparisons, preparation of further documentation and more.

Gain success with Capital
Capital Harness Designer LD is complemented by related tools, Capital Harness Costing LD and Capital Harness Analyzer.

What is Capital Harness Designer LD?

Design and manage your wiring harness with Capital Harness Designer LD. Import KBL data while syncing wiring schematics with functional module descriptions. Combine with multiple mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) sections to create a complete, fully engineered 2D wiring harness.