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Reuse of CAD data

Meet cost-cutting targets and time-to-market deadlines by facilitating knowledge reuse. Our comprehensive knowledge reuse solutions maximize the value of your product knowledge by helping you leverage it again and again.

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NX X is cloud SaaS NX, delivering the full power of NX design capabilities through three scalable seat options.  NX X can be easily installed onto your devices for seamless connectivity. Built on NX architecture, you can continue to collaborate across disciplines with zero data loss—with confidence in secure data management capabilities.

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NX reuse CAD library

Locate reusable knowledge on an enterprise basis. NX provides an extensive library of knowledge for reuse at your fingertips: reusable designs, standard parts, design features, symbols, 2D sections, profiles, curves, shapes and product templates. You can quickly locate what you need, and drag-and-drop the object into your design.

When using product templates from the Reuse Library, you can automate much more than design modeling. Automate and standardize engineering processes by incorporating product and manufacturing information, drawings, motion analysis, structural simulation and validation checking into templates.

The NX Reuse Library with an assembly in NX for quickly adding standard parts.

Geolus 3D model shape search engine

Search by shape to find all candidate parts, no matter how they are named. Often the part you want is the part name you do not know. Use NX, which is fully integrated with the Geolus Shape Search engine, to rapidly finds parts similar to a given example based on its geometry.

Reduce your part development costs and supports best practices that eliminate part proliferation, with the Geolus Shape Search integration. Early in the design cycle, coarse parts can be used to find released parts that can either be used as-is or modified to suit. This is faster than starting from scratch and perpetuates company practices, for example plate thickness or hole grouping. Shape Search results appear in seconds.

Geolus Intelligent Shape Search inside NX, showing existing parts that are available to be used in a design.

Math calculation tool

Size a design for strength or durability, or calculate performance targets for a design. Many engineered designs begin with fundamental calculations. These kind of calculations potentially happen long before any CAD geometry is created. Alternately, during 3D modeling, certain parameters within a design may be driven using engineering calculations. For both of these scenarios, our partnership with Maple is a powerful tool.

Get support for algebraic math, differential and integral calculus, differential equations, and andlinear algebra with Maple. NX and Maple can easily exchange variables—either to associatively link a design with its driving calculations, or to extract properties from the NX model for use in further calculations in Maple. Either way, the intellectual property defined by Maple worksheets can easily remain managed within Teamcenter.

Math formulas and calculations inside the eclipse elevator calculation

NX CAD customization and programming

Extend and tailor solution capabilities to your specific needs. Preserve critical knowledge and design intent from the design process, all the way through analysis and manufacturing processes. With NX programming and customization software tools, which can be employed by product development personnel and application developers, your company can capture, reuse, and consistently apply best practices across product lines.

Analyst report

Using CAD capabilities to meet productivity demands

Industry research firm, Lifecycle Insights, explains how to leverage CAD to boost mechanical engineering productivity.

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Case study


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Case Study

Heavyweight manufacturer drives digitalization


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