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Opcenter Intraplant Logistics

Maintain inventory accuracy and ensure material flow with intralogistics capabilities, inventory management and JIT technology.

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Optimize material flow from warehouse to factory floor

Increase line performance, maintain inventory accuracy and ensure smooth material flow between the warehouse and the shop floor with advanced intralogistics capabilities using Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics.

Access real-time inventory management
Know the current status and exact location of the material. Gather real-time performance information with material tracking and gain an accurate view of the inventory down to the single-carrier level. The solution applies to all material-consuming stations in the factory, including automated placement equipment, manual assembly stations, system assembly and process points such as dispensers and coating.

An intraplant logistics warehouse manager walking around a warehouse.

Use smart JIT material replenishment
Eliminate downtime and improve asset utilization. With just-in-time (JIT) material replenishment, you can reduce downtime caused by the delivery of wrong parts or wait time for new material to arrive. Intra Plant Logistics (IPL) monitors the production schedule to forecast material resupply needs for the upcoming production. After the forecast is created, the system selects the ideal material based on configurable cost rules and job changeovers.

A light in a warehouse.

Leverage eKanban storage management
Reduce inventory and work-in-progress on the shop floor. Automatic tracking of consumption and waste of material from each container provides information on the count of material remaining on every container and its precise location. This helps reduce work in process on the shop floor as it eliminates the need for huge material kits and buffer-stock. Kanban rules for material replenishment can be set up for storage areas and replenishment points.

An intraplant logistics manager looking at a disc in a factory.

Perform special material management
Ensure no expired materials reach the shop floor. Easily manage sensitive and expiring inventory, such as moisture-sensitive devices (MSD), with automated alarms for any materials in any environment. Moisture-sensitive materials and expiration sensitive materials are identified at the material registration stage, and machine or worker operations can be forced to stop if any materials expire. MSD management includes aging, dry-store and oven-baking processes.

A factory worker using a warehouse management system.

Engage in warehouse management
Orchestrate commissioning, kitting and picking tasks. Manage inbound goods reception with quick material registration and put-away, as well as warehouse tasks for product delivery. Visualize and prioritize requests and Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics will take care of task orchestration for material picking, validating and tracking. Guide operators through tasks with intralogistics handhelds, providing real-time commissioning information.

A lift operator uses a warehouse management system to organize warehouse inventory rows.

Handle material transport management
Gain unparalleled visibility of materials. Track and trace materials throughout the logistics operations, guide manual material transport or integrate automated guided vehicle (AGV) management to trigger pick-up and drop-off of materials. Forecast the need for replenishment, identify the ideal material and guide automated storage solutions to pick and kit the material. Through AGV integration, instruct the fleet manager to deliver the material before the delivery deadline, ensuring efficiency.

A live factory floor that has robot arms working on inventory management.

Master material logistics throughout the plant

Watch the on-demand webinar to see how manufacturers use Siemens Opcenter to optimize intralogistics with the digital twin.

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