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Simcenter Femap OEM

Create, edit and evaluate finite element models of complex products/systems using advanced CAE pre- and postprocessors to model components, assemblies or systems.

Simulation made with the use of Simcenter Femap software.

Why Simcenter Femap OEM software?

Take your engineering software solution to the next level with Simcenter Femap OEM for advanced mesh-based finite element analysis (FEA) simulation applications.

Since 1985, Simcenter Femap has provided affordable, high-performance FEA modeling. Simcenter Femap OEM provides leading-edge technology that enables you to create your own branded, unique simulation solution and bring it to market faster.

Discover the benefits of Simcenter Femap OEM

Create value

Add value to your engineering simulation software solutions without creating a new system from scratch. Our affordable, easy-to-use simulation engine enables you to bring value-add solutions to the market.

Partner with a global technology leader

With over 15 million licenses sold and 140,000 customers globally, we work collaboratively with our clients to offer software solutions that help you achieve a sustainable, competitive advantage by realizing new innovations.

Leverage the existing Simcenter Femap community

Work with a global base of Simcenter Femap users. Many of your customers already know the basics of how to use the software, and the Simcenter Femap brand is recognized around the world.

See what's included

Create your own custom FEA software solution with Simcenter Femap OEM. Our software development toolkit includes support for the following data and processes:

FEA data

Support industry standard solvers - Simcenter NASTRAN, ANSYS, Simulia (ABAQUS), DYNA, Femap Neutral, PATRAN

CAD data

Support industry standard CAD - Solid Edge, NX, Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, Catia, Creo, SolidWorks

Geometry modeling

Wireframe, surface, curve surface imprints for meshing, solids, mid-surfacing, beam centerlines, geometry simplification


Materials models, element types, 1-D beam/line, element meshing, 2-D tri/quad surface meshing, 3-D automatic tetra meshing, hexahedral meshing, composite laminates


Deformation, animation, contour plots, vector plots, iso-surface plots, standard nodal and elemental data

Choose the right solution for you

Experience the flexibility of licensing tools that are right for your market. Simcenter Femap OEM provides two package options for you to choose from.

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