A team evaluates performance of an industrial robot. Many aspects of the robot's performance can be simulated and optimized using Kineo software components.


Optimize robotics simulation and digital mockup with Kineo components for automatic path planning, high-speed collision detection and predictive cable performance.

Why Kineo?

Explore our portfolio of Kineo software components for automatic motion planning, collision detection and flexible cable simulation. These technologies are integrated into software applications for automotive, aerospace, energy, shipbuilding and manufacturing industries. Applications include industrial robot simulation, digital mockup, assembly/disassembly verification and accessibility studies.

A rich graphical user interface (GUI) framework allows OEMs, system integrators and software vendors to develop custom software applications based on Kineo components easily, with reduced risk and time-to-market.

Discover the benefits of Kineo

Accelerate productivity 

Compute fast, energy-efficient cycle times for industrial robots, coordinate measuring machines and machine tools.

Minimize downtime

Reduce manufacturing downtime with collision-free trajectory calculations and predictive cable performance.

Develop applications more rapidly

Accelerate development of your robotics or digital mock-up software application using our proven industrial software components.

Enable a wide range of applications

Enhance digital mock-up applications with KineoWorks path planning technology, including the following functionalities:

  • Assembly verification: identify potential barriers to successful assembly processes, and compute collision-free product assembly and disassembly paths automatically
  • Maintenance and servicing: document assembly/disassembly processes for product installation and maintenance procedures
  • Accessibility studies: analyze accessibility of densely populated or cluttered environments, for example building access
  • Ergonomics: simulate human operators in assembly processes to analyze accessibility, feasibility and comfort

Increase industrial robot productivity with faster, more efficient cycle times and reduced downtime resulting from collisions and cable failure. Kineo components automate collision-free path planning and cable simulation for programming and simulating robots, coordinate measuring machines and machine tools. Adopt Kineo for your robotics applications to:

  • Compute collision-free trajectories, optimize for cycle time and energy efficiency
  • Design multi-robot work cells and optimize simultaneous operation
  • Optimize sequences for inspection and machining positions
  • Simulate and control standard 6/7 Degree-of-Freedom robots
  • Model tool paths with specific optimizations for pick and place, spot welding, arc welding, etc.
  • Predict behavior of robot power and control cables and model full dress packs, including cable retraction systems

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