Polarion X

Achieve agility and take full control over your cyber-physical systems application lifecycle.

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Introducing Polarion, in the cloud

Polarion X includes everything from Polarion on-premise, in a cloud-based deployment. With Polarion X, updates deploy faster and users get access to alternative pricing options.

Discover the benefits of Polarion X

Access cloud-based data

Leverage our modern cloud platform and access Polarion solutions anytime, anywhere on a 100% browser-based system.

Stay up to date

Get complete information about every step in a development process. Each step is just a click away—starting with modified lines of code up to high-level change requests.

Choose from flexible plans

Pick from our flexible pricing plans that scale with your needs.

Software lifecycle under control, now in the cloud

Get your software lifecycle under control with Polarion X. Everything you need to achieve agility and have full control over your cyber-physical systems application lifecycle.


Collaborate on shared assets easily and securely. Polarion gives you total control over what your users can access and edit through granular permission controls and robust, configurable workflow automation.

Screenshot of Polarion software.


Screenshot of Polarion software.

Track and trace progress throughout your entire development process easily. From modified lines of code right up to high-level change requests, all the information you need is just a click away.

Advanced reuse

Code and tests are often shared between projects. With Polarion, you can reuse or branch your data for an effective sequential or parallel project and product line development.

Screenshot of Polarion software.

Choose from flexible plans that scale with you

Exponentially grow your teams, your software complexity and your product quality alongside your business needs with the flexibility of three-tier pricing from Polarion X.




Starting from

$42 per user/month
10 user minimum

$113 per user/month
10 user minimum

$149 per user/month
10 user minimum

User limit




Reviewers per license




Documents & Pages




Work items




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