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PLM process management

Take control of planning, schedules, resources and processes – including change cycle time – to realize better project, product and program execution.

Streamline lifecycle processes to improve performance

Manage and automate your project, product and program-related processes. Reduce change cycle time, manage the impact and control the cost of change. Hit deadlines, manage resources and stay on budget.

Manage the impact of change quickly and accurately

Teamcenter CMII-certified, closed-loop change management allows you to leverage flexible processes that you can easily tailor to your specific needs. Change processes drive execution and provide full traceability. You can manage the evolution of your products, issues and improvements with business-wide visibility. Implement change quickly, accurately and comprehensively to respond to market and customer needs.

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Manage workflows, including design review and release

Automate any work process, regardless of how simple or complex, with Teamcenter. Create workflows that build in your business logic. Define standard process templates to enforce best practices and eliminate errors. Instant status, history and audit trails ensure you have complete control and visibility of your processes. Give everyone exactly what they need to complete their task at the right time.

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Achieve program objectives with confidence

Plan and size programs efficiently. Forecast resource needs, estimate costs and jump-start execution. Stay in sync with changes to requirements. Adjust for engineering challenges, supply chain issues and resource constraints. Get alerted to problem hotspots with dashboards and reports. Provide stakeholders with real-time visibility of the program as it evolves.

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Align and prioritize projects in a program context

Group and manage projects that align with overall objectives. Leverage best practice tools and processes, whether you are a full-time or an occasional project manager. Create and manage detailed project plans directly associated with product data like requirements, deliverables, bill of materials (BOM) or parts. Quickly organize and status work to ensure the entire project team is apprised of the project status.

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Mercury Marine cuts change cycle time in half

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