Logistics digital twin

Enable the visualization and experimentation of potential supply chain scenarios, all grounded in your real company data. The concept of digital twins is revolutionizing the field of logistics, providing an intelligent simulation and advisory platform.

Use digital twins to clarify cause and effect

Clarify the cause and effect of events in the supply chain with a level of precision that was previously unknown with a digital twin. Digital twins provide a detailed virtual copy of the real network and the processes used there. 

It connects the operational level with the strategic decision level. In other words: Each turn of a screw in the operational system can be "performed" ahead of time and its effect on the overall process can be evaluated on the basis of real data. It's the ideal simulation and consulting tool of the digital world. Users are able to make tactical and operational decisions with a degree of transparency and quality of resolution that's somewhat like looking into a crystal ball.


Excel with our services

Implementation and support

Work with our experts to establish your supply chain (SC) digital twin. Your digital twin can reflect the entire SC and help you abstract your current state to gain insights into present, past or future conditions.

Logistics and intralogistics

Address operational, tactical and strategic inquiries using your new digital twin that caters to network logistics and intralogistics.

Simulation and test

Test actual SC alterations in your simulated model before implementing. Simulate numerous scenarios within the timeframe of a real SC pilot project.

Explore example use cases

Digital twin network (strategic/tactical emphasis)

  • Industry: Spare parts
  • Scope: Supplier delivers to various distribution centers (DCs), multi-tiered storage, and outbound to customers
  • Objectives: Enhance transparency in supply chain (SC) material flows, model and validate the SC
  • Key metrics: Costs, cash flow and service
  • Performance indicators: Inventory, transport, storage, and turnover
  • Results: Site statistics, inventory per SKU & location, transport frequency, storage methods, productivity, and more.
  • Scenario analysis: Assess various scenarios and sensitivities.

Digital twin intralogistics (tactical/operational emphasis):

  • Industry: Retail
  • Scope: Inbound to central warehouse, storage, value-added services, and outbound to customers or the next storage level
  • Objectives: Improve transparency in DC material flows, model and validate the DC
  • Key metrics: Storage occupancy rate, staff effort per area, optimized pick routes, optimized box selection and more
  • Performance indicators: Number of WE positions, WE packaging, storage capacity and productivity, and more.
  • Results: Warehouse control center, automated storage recommendations, restocking management, staff planning and more
  • Scenario analysis: Explore various scenarios and sensitivities