Tooling and fixture design

Fixture design

Use powerful modeling and assembly tools to accelerate design of jigs and fixtures that are fully associative to the machined 3D part model.

Design fixtures using advanced CAD

Leverage powerful capabilities in geometric and large assembly modeling that make NX ideal for all types of fixture design.  

You can easily position and mate fixture components with the latest assembly capabilities, and then automatically create drawings and documentation for the fixture and its components. 

Visual of advanced CAD.

Leverage associativity to incorporate design changes

Ensure fast and accurate updates with full associativity between the part model and fixture.  

When the fixture design is dynamically associated with the part or product model, the fixture model can be updated automatically if the design changes.

Visual of associativity between the part model and fixture.

Simulate and optimize fixture designs

Simulate the kinematics of fixtures, such as open and closed positions, with easy-to-use kinematic capabilities.

Gain increased accuracy by optimizing structural performance with our wide range of tools for stress analysis.

Visual of fixture designs.
case study


自動車向け産業機械メーカー、Teamcenterを使用してエンジニアリング・サイクルタイムを30%短縮し、設計部品表 (EBOM) と製造部品表 (MBOM) をマッピング
Case Study

自動車向け産業機械メーカー、Teamcenterを使用してエンジニアリング・サイクルタイムを30%短縮し、設計部品表 (EBOM) と製造部品表 (MBOM) をマッピング


開催場所:トラウン, Austria

シーメンスデジタルインダストリーズソフトウェア:NX, Solid Edge, Teamcenter