Wire harness in a car in NX

Wire harness

Wiring harness design software

Take advantage of fully integrated 3D wiring harness design software that allows you to design and route harnesses in complex assemblies. The capabilities of NX CAD wire harness routing enable you to produce a wire harness directly from NX product assembly models.

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Integrated electromechanical wire harness design

Read how to maximize efficiency and produce high-quality products with short timelines by integrating ECAD and MCAD for wire harness design.

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Output to manufacturing

Reduce production time as NX readily creates information for harness manufacturing. Automatically create a flattened model of the wire harness that includes the electrical intelligence and details such as tie wraps, clips and grommets, and relative positions of connectors.

Manufacturers can use the flattened model as a reference for 3D jig design, or you can easily create accurate formboard drawings.

NX Electrical Routing formboard output for manufacturing.

Reuse logical design data

Leverage NX wire routing and harness design as it uses the connection and component information from the logical design schematic. You can quickly import netlists of wire and connection data from ECAD systems and use a wizard-style interface to create and modify connections.

NX Routing Electrical Ports and Logical connection.

Rules-based wiring routing finds optimal paths

Optimize routing between components in crowded assemblies using rules-based routing tools that automate the creation of wiring paths and connections from logical designs.

Built-in design rules check and enforce standard practices and ensure connectivity to reduce production costs and assembly defects. To quickly identify and correct violations, you can check rules during design, on demand or in batch processes.

With parametric wiring models, you can more easily manage design changes, analyze clearances and interferences, and accurately calculate wire lengths and bundle diameters.

A failed electrical routing bend analysis check with visual tag and failure information window in NX.