An HD 3D immersive rendering of a black and yellow JCB tractor with forklift arms attached.

Continuous Release

What's new in NX June 2024

Introducing the latest version of NX software.

Tune into the What's New in NX | June 2024 | Release day premiere to learn more about the newest features in NX.

New updates for NX June 2024

Tune in to this year's annual What's new in NX premiere to learn about all the latest and greatest features and enhancements added through the NX software continuous release cycle. Showcasing cloud SaaS products like NX X and Zel X, AI-enabled and generative design tools and the future of immersive design— this is a premiere you won't want to miss.

NX X - Cloud-based product engineering

A screenshot of NX X CAD software with a design of a tractor on the right side and an instance of Teamcenter X PLM collaboration software on the left, showing different parts of the assembly.

Access the industry-leading product engineering capabilities of NX on the cloud with NX X. 

During the premiere, we'll first show you how you can leverage the cloud for your CAD workflows. Centralized cloud license management reduces IT complexity to give you extra flexibility. You can install NX X on the desktop or even stream the software in your browser via AWS cloud services. 

Fully integrated and secure data management lets you share and collaborate with colleagues and partners directly within the NX X interface. Built with Siemens’ Teamcenter X software and as part of Siemens Xcelerator as a Service, NX X makes it easier than ever to level up your product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities. 

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Flexible and scalable licensing

Get the most out of both NX and NX X with value-based licensing

Add-on modules already add extra capabilities to the core NX functionality, tailored towards specialized and advanced use-cases. Value-based licensing gives you flexible, scalable and affordable access to these modules as and when you need them. 

The way it works is simple. You get a pool of tokens and each add-on module costs a certain number of tokens to use. Those tokens are 'checked out' while you use a module, and returned to the pool for use on another module when you're done.  

You get started with enough tokens to cover your current module needs and then easily add more when your organization grows or your engineering needs develop. 

Almost all the functionality we show in this year's video is available via value-based licensing. All you have to do to access the new features with your existing tokens is upgrade to the latest version of NX! 

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A graphic representing value-based licensing: four desktop computers to represent users, stacks of

Cross-domain collaboration

A graphic representing cross-domain collaboration with Teamcenter software at the heart of it and multiple other Siemens software branching from it.

Collaborate in innovative new ways with NX X, value-based licensing and powerful Siemens Xcelerator integrations.  

Integrated data management in NX X means seamless change management and release workflows, while value-based licensing gives each specialist the tools they need, when they need them. 

This year's video also highlights how interoperability of NX with other Siemens Xcelerator solutions ensures efficient communication throughout the product lifecycle.  

We show how you can integrate Zel X, Siemen's web-based engineering platform, into your design and manufacturing workflows, giving each team cost-effective access to the right level of functionality. 

And we highlight the Managed Environment for Electronics Design, which brings together a suite of Siemens Xcelerator products such as NX, Teamcenter and Xpedition. 

AI-enabled design

Improve and accelerate your processes by leveraging artificial intelligence-enabled design tools in NX. 

The video features a host of AI-powered design and simulation functionality such as Topology Optimization, Performance Predictor and gyroid modeling. In our demo, we show them in action together to create a lightweight design ready for additive manufacturing. 

Tools like these join AI features such as Command Prediction and Selection Prediction that can significantly boost efficiency in your routine workflows. 

Explore AI capabilities in NX

A topology optimized metal part rendering from NX CAD software. The designer of this part leveraged AI-enabled design features to create it.

The future of design is immersive

An immersive VR HD 3D rendering of a tractor design with arms attached in the NX Immersive Explorer module in NX CAD. There is a pointer remote indicating where the designer's hand is as they explore the design in an immersive experience.

Keep up to date with the latest developments of NX in the world of immersive design.  

The new Immersive Explorer module enhances existing NX immersive capabilities with a gaming-level experience for design review, virtual commissioning and stakeholder sign-off.  

Our premiere video ends with a sneak peek at NX Immersive Designer, coming late 2024. 

Find out more about Immersive Designer 

What’s new in NX for manufacturing

Maximize your speed and control in part manufacturing with the latest enhancements of NX for manufacturing solutions, including:


Shorten machining time and improve part quality with improved 3D Adaptive Roughing and Holemaking operations. The updated Cloud Connect Tool Manager now allows you to associate multiple machining settings with cutting tools.

NX Additive Manufacturing

Experience streamlined workflows for preparing build jobs for metal and polymer. Enhanced control over process parameters allows successful first-attempt builds by using varied parameters for different operation sections like Finish Passes, Infill Passes, and Spring Passes.

Manufacturing Data Management

Check out the upgraded Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) in Teamcenter for easier management of manufacturing resources such as machines, fixtures and cutting tools. The Machining Data Library now provides seamless access to machining details, technology data, reference properties.

Additionally, there are improvement to NX CAM On-Machine Probing, NX Assembly Planner and NX Line Designer.

A man working on NX for manufacturing on a desktop computer.
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