Additive manufacturing machine adding a layer to a component

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Design for additive manufacturing

Meet the unique challenges of designing, optimizing and building metal and plastic components using the latest additive manufacturing methods. Our breakthrough technology delivers advanced methods for designing lightweight parts, while design validation checkers ensure manufacturability.

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3D product design with additive manufacturing

Explore how to industrialize additive manufacturing through lattice structures, material performance analysis, part validation tools and more for consumer product design.

Diverse group of three people with portable devices sit at a table with coffee. A man is using a laptop to view a quadcopter piece outside of its green, 3D additive manufacturing mold.

Design for manufacturability rules

Ensure your product is designed for manufacturability and correctly optimized for performance using additive manufacturing methods. Identify issues such as overhangs, areas that need support, assembly issues and more to deliver products that can be manufactured the first time while saving money and materials used.

A component in an NX graphics window with an NX Design for Additive Manufacturing - Analysis - Wall thickness check dialog.

3D printing lattice structures

Deliver lightweight components without compromising on structural integrity. The NX integrated lattice tool makes it easy to embed lattice structures inside a substantial part or incorporate them as part of an overall design. The lattices are complex geometry represented as facets, which you can then modify and change directly using Convergent Modeling technology.

An automotive control arm with a NX Lattice Structure to provide lightweighting of the component.

Smart manufacturing preparation

To transition additive manufacturing to an industrial production process, it must have digital integration between design, production and automation, and include control and monitoring of machine performance. To accomplish this transition, our solutions include NX, Simcenter (a robust suite of simulation software and test solutions) and elements of Siemens’ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) portfolio for manufacturing automation. Our integrated solution uses smart product models through all phases without the need for data conversion between applications or processes.

An organic shape from a topology optimization inside a rectangular block that represents the build volume for a 3D printed part
Case study


Hybrid additive manufacturing transforms production of high-quality metal parts
Case Study

Hybrid additive manufacturing transforms production of high-quality metal parts


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