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Product design tools

NX CAD 3D modeling

Providing powerful and versatile 2D & 3D CAD modeling tools, NX CAD enables you to freely use any modeling approach that fits your design challenge and helps you get innovative products to market faster.

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Assembly design

Create and manage assembly models of any size or complexity with powerful CAD assembly design tools. With both top-down and bottom-up techniques supported, you can manage and navigate assembly models and keep your team organized and on track:

  • Handle complex assembly designs on the daily
  • Access control structures and constraints for parametric assemblies that simplify design changes and accelerate modeling of configurations, options and variants
  • Design in the true context of your product
  • Validate your designs and identify and resolve issues with complete support of digital mockups
A ship assembly in NX with some components removed to reveal the interial structure.

Feature modeling

Design the next generation of products faster and less expensively. In a single modeling solution, use comprehensive, high-performance parametric wireframe, surface, solid and facet modeling along with the direct modeling power of synchronous technology.

Combining feature modeling techniques with synchronous technology gives you a fast approach to creating the designs you need.

A component in NX with 3D dimensions  created by NX Model Based Defintion that are applied to a hole feature.

Freeform design

Explore alternative design concepts quickly with NX freeform modeling software.

This versatile, integrated toolset combines 2D, 3D, curve, surface, solid, facet and synchronous modeling for fast and easy shape creation, evaluation and editing.

With advanced freeform modeling, shape analysis rendering and visualization tools, you get all the capabilities of dedicated industrial design systems, as well as complete integration with NX design, simulation and manufacturing to accelerate development.

Image of a concept aircraft being designed with NX Realize Shape, a sub-division modelling application.

NX Sketch

Improve your productivity. Every mechanical CAD tool has some form of sketching—all based on the same core concepts. Old approaches keep you from iterating efficiently and will enable you to change your mind and quickly adapt your sketch. They rely on building lots of rules and relationships that control behavior.

Try our new approach to sketching. Our latest sketch capabilities reduce users' time capturing ideas by up to and over 30%. For many users, as much as 15% of their day is spent sketching —reducing that even by a small margin provides a significant improvement in productivity.

Image of a dimensioned  NX Sketch profile with an angular dimension being modified and the sketch relations being shown.

Sheet metal design

Efficiently create sheet metal parts based on industry knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes, using familiar terminology and workflows.

Access NX sheet metal design tools that incorporate material and bending information, enabling the model to represent the formed component and flattened blank shapes. You can quickly convert solid models to sheet metal components and create sheet metal parts that enclose other components. NX Advanced Sheet Metal provides functions that enable modeling sheet metal parts with more complex shapes.

A component being designed in NX Sheetmetal Design with 3 flanges being added.
Case study


Bicycle helmet innovator reduces product development cycle by six months with NX.
Case Study

Bicycle helmet innovator reduces product development cycle by six months with NX


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