An overhead view of a traffic interchange at night.

Capital capabilities

Network design software

Networks are a critical aspect of all modern vehicles. Use Capital to help design ‘right-sized’ communications networks with detailed timing analysis, optimize and verify network designs to ensure quality and accelerate development, and deliver accurate communication network implementation.

Safety-critical timing

Leverage advanced methods to tackle the new dimension of complex real-time systems using distributed communication with correct timing.

Network design time cut by 50%

Automate, accelerate and simplify systems design to save time and focus on high-value tasks that help you differentiate and win in the marketplace.

Rapid design of validated and correct networks

Optimize communication for the entire distributed communication system – maximize usage of each communication cluster (bus).

Accelerate design of networks with guaranteed delivery

Integrated, whole vehicle approach

Networks are a critical aspect of all modern vehicles, and their design is interwoven with the design of embedded software and the electrical distribution system. New vehicle technologies require more complex network topologies to manage a significantly higher data throughput with more stringent timing constraints. We offer an integrated, whole-vehicle approach.

Communications implementation

The implementation of networks should be correct-by-design to contribute to the significant increase in quality and safety requirements for vehicles. The advanced design automation in Capital Network Designer reduces the design cycle time of the multiple networks found in vehicles today. Communication networks are not designed in isolation, and so it's vital to be able to import and export to different industry standards. Advanced concepts are supported and underpinned by timing analysis and validation.

Communications network design

Network designers need the ability to right-size their networks to determine worst-case scenarios. The ever-increasing volume of data requires design automation to reduce schedule timing and improve quality. Advanced design tools can optimize networks to reduce costs and weight, and to manage complexity. Automating network design enables companies, who design complex vehicles with highly distributed electrical and electronics architectures, to ensure validated and correctly defined networks.

Automate aerospace network design, optimization and verification

Aircraft manufacturers looking for well-integrated, model-based systems engineering (MBSE) solutions that allow data to flow naturally between domains invest in Capital. The Capital advanced timing analysis feature assures consistency and delivery, reducing development costs and risks.

Network optimization and verification

It's vital that network signals can be automatically packed into messages within the constraints of the timing requirements. The Capital timing analysis tool evaluates the entire network to assess message delivery, including worst-case scenarios. This is important to allow optimization and the right-sizing of networks. Engineers are looking to reduce reliance on testing physical prototypes and avoid over-engineering. Timing analysis can accurately calculate the worst-case delivery scenario, reduce the need for physical testing and eliminate over-engineering.

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